Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine’s Day

 This is not an easy day for me.  

Memories of past Valentine’s Days with my sweet hubby are flooding my mind.  

Several cries already.  

So lonely for him.

My niece and her sweetheart greeted me with chocolate chip pancakes this morning.  They are are a joy to me and so much comfort.  

I sliced fresh strawberries last night and piled them on my pancakes this morning.

And a good friend dropped off a Valentine’s gift yesterday.

It’s the first Valentine’s gift I’ve had since my hubby passed.

 It was such an unexpected surprise and touched me so much with her thoughtfulness and generosity. 

 I’m sure she doesn’t even realize what it meant to me.

I’m typing here with romance music playing on my Echo.

I’ve washed and changed the sheets on my bed and laundry is almost done.

I’ve made frosted brownies for a treat today.

We have two rounds of snow after midnight and another coming Tuesday morning. 

Three to six inches.

Three fourths of my driveway is icy.  The weather been too cold to melt it.

Usually I’m in Florida at my cousin’s on Valentine’s Day.

My sister-in-law sister’s took this beautiful photo of a lovely deer couple.  

She’s quite an accomplished photographer!

Enjoy your day!


  1. SO happy to see you blogging and sharing again. I have missed it. I am bad myself. I just abruptly stopped…sighing oh well……………you have such sweet memories.

  2. Hi Barbara - Yes, I am back! I must tell you how much I enjoy your FB posts. You make me laugh! Memories are sweet but also sad. Enjoy your Spring!