Thursday, July 31, 2014

HO, HO, HO...

Yesterday I was sewing up a storm working on another "Christmas in July" project. 

See the cute "Ho!" printed fabric I used for the ornament!

This one was part of our sewing store's "Party for Patrick" project entitled "HO, HO, HO", another adorable mini wall hanging from Patrick Lose.  

This time I decided to sew all the fabric background pieces together first and then machine appliqué the white squares.

I love the fabrics I chose in non-traditional red, white and GRAY!  

As usual I printed out the patterns in their actual size using my TruEmbroidery software applications to help me position the appliqués on their squares.   

Once the designs were downloaded into my sewing machine, I reduced the size of the HO squares by 10% just to be on the safe side that the designs would fit inside the white squares with no problems. 

All the squares are appliquéd.  

I used white thread for "stitching in the ditch" around the white squares.  

And I used a decorative stitch (#64) on my Jamone for quilting the red fabric around the white squares.  

Wait until you see the back!  

I used that stitch there too. 
Sorry the photos are so dark!  There's no natural light in my sewing room.

Today I hope to square up the wall hanging front with the back, stitch it together and cut and sew on the binding.  

I decided to use the gray fabric for the binding.

That will add the wow factor to this wall hanging.  

Stay tuned for the final project.  

Sew true!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christmas Tree Hugger Pillow Cover

My sewing store has offered "Christmas in July" sewing sessions.

I couldn't pass them up!  

You know how I love Christmas

This session we appliquéd three simple trees to white cloth background.  

Then I added ribbon embellishment and red piping. 

I goofed sewing my "Merry Christmas" the first time.  

I didn't have the fabric tight in the hoop and it shifted and messed up the stitching.  

I saved the project by appliquéing another tree in the center of the red tree with decorative stitching  - thus covering up my "mistake" very nicely. 

I moved the "Merry Christmas" lettering down on the trees on my second try and made sure the fabric was tight in the hoop.  

I actually like the results!

Now I have a cute Christmas pillow cover!

And it's removable.

On the crocheting front I'm still fussing around with patterns and colors for the throw for my sister-in-law. 

I started a throw but I'm just not happy with the colors (trying to use yarns from my stash).

I may have found my inspiration as far as yarn colors but it means I have to buy more yarn because I don't have the colors on hand.   

But I've learned it just too much work to not be happy with one's pattern, stitching and colors when working on a large project like an afghan.

I'll share more on that project later.  

Have a lovely day dear readers!  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello Summer!

These chalkboards are fun to change for the different seasons and holidays!

Our porch has been pressure washed.

All clean and the furniture taken out of the shed.

Yesterday and today are so beautiful here.

Sunny, warm and no humidity!

Perfect for sitting out on the porch.

I hope to get out and buy our flowers for the shed flower boxes and for under the Serviceberry tree here by the deck sometime today.

I'm planning an afghan for one of my sister-in-law's whose favorite color is purple.

Above are two sample squares I crocheted up.

I'm still deciding if I will use these or try another pattern.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Ah, the joys of sewing!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Source:  Pinerest

Strange 4th of July.

It's windy and overcast here.  

The rain has moved on and we are hoping we will have sunshine later today. 

I didn't put our flag outside because of the rain instead I taped flags up on our front windows and hung a few on our front door. 

Now I don't have to care about the rain.

The flags are protected from the weather.

We're fussy with our flag - we don't like to leave it out overnight unless it is lite up. 

Love German Shepards!

Remember years ago when it wasn't considered "proper" to wear our flag as an article of clothing?  

I'm still not comfortable seeing the flag draped on one's body (i.e.,  as a swimsuit etc).  

What about you?

Happy Independence Day to all of you!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"I Scream, You Scream" Table Topper

Don't we all love Ice Cream?

I know I do.

Oh…and Gelato!

That stuff is made in heaven.

So with my love of yummy ice cream I was delighted to see our next "Party with Patrick" project for June was this adorable ice cream cone table topper.

I had eight ice cream cones to position on the front of the table topper.

Each one was stitched out individually.

Can you see the embroidery design I added to the ice cream…cherries!

This was my first try at embellishing an appliqué with embroidery.

I googled "cherry clip art" and downloaded one into my TruEmbroidery software to convert it to an embroidery design.

I think it turned out cute.

I centered one cherry on top of one of the ice cream cones and off-set the other one.

I thought two cherries was just the right touch.

This is the back.  

This appliqué covers my first try.

For some reason, I choose an embroidered ice cream cone design that came with my machine and decided to stitch it out all in black thread ????

Well, it looked horrible!

What to do?

Cover it up.

So, I appliquéd another ice cream cone over it to hide my mistake.

Then I embroidered the date, my name and the project's name on the back.

A much better choice.

This is a close-up of one of the embroidered cherries.  

Right above it I positioned a tiny quilt design in the center of the table topper front.

I liked that all the points of this design "pointed" out to an ice cream cone.

It took me awhile to decide which fabrics to use for this one.

I found the orange fabric in my stash - doesn't it work well for the cone portion?

All the appliqué ice cream portion fabric came from Joann Fabric Fat Quarters I had on hand.

You can't even tell this appliqué is covering up my first mistake.

The blue background fabric was my first choice but I almost couldn't use it.

Luckily it was just large enough for the topper.

And I'm so glad because it makes the ice cream cones pop.

I used my stripe fabric for the machine-stitched binding.

Our next "Party with Patrick" project for July , "HO, HO, HO," is a "Christmas in July" design!

Yep, I'm thinking about Christmas already.

Hubby ordered a new pressure washer for me.

It's still all plastic so it may only last a few seasons but I like it because it rolls easily with the four rolling feet and the on/off switch is easy to read, see and use.

Our deck is all cleaned now for the summer.

I'm sitting out here while I type this posting.

I love sitting out here listening to the birds chirping and enjoying the morning before all our rain and humidity comes again this afternoon.


Do any of you watch "The Good Wife"?

I never did but a few weeks ago I had caught up with all my recordings and wanted something to watch I hadn't seen.  First, I tried the new show, "Fargo," but I didn't care for it especially after the husband (played by Martin Freeman who by the way I love as an actor) killed his wife.  So off I went searching On Demand for another show.

I saw "The Good Wife" and started watching it from the first pilot.

Oh, my, I love it!

What an excellent TV series.

I'm watching two to three episodes a day and I just started the 4th season.

If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it.  

I had to laugh at this joke of the day.

It is so true!

Wishing everyone a lovely July 4th Weekend here in The States.