Wednesday, June 30, 2010

REDnesday - Santa Claus House

It's REDnesday!

Here's a mosaic of two of my favorites - RED and Santa Claus!

We arrived in the North Pole, Alaska on Wednesday, June 23, and are having lots of fun sightseeing here and in nearby Fairbanks, Alaska.  My hubby knew I wouldn't be satisfied until we visited the Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska so he took me over there first thing.  I knew he was a smart hubby.  I was in heaven and enjoyed looking at all the neat Christmas stuff.  We are limited on storage place in the RV so I had to be careful of my selections.  I have so much Christmas decorations but there is always room for more...ho, ho.  

The town of North Pole has adopted Christmas as its theme so many of the street light poles are wrapped in red and white just like candy canes.

This must be the LARGEST Santa Claus statue in the world!

The tile murals on the store walls were fantastic.  This is a close up of Santa in his sled.

Isn't this cute of Rudolph the Reindeer?

This is the Santa Claus House's main entrance.  I always say it isn't too early to start thinking about Christmas.

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Now is the time to start working on your Christmas projects! 

I'm dreaming of a RED Christmas, just like the ones I use to know.... 

Sandy at Teacup Lane

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Alaska Flowers

It's Mosaic Monday!

See my Alaska Flowers in all their lovely bloom!

Beautiful petals of orange and purple...

Isn't nature wonderful!

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And thanks for smelling the flowers with me.

Sandy at Teacup Lane

Friday, June 25, 2010

Our "Home" away from "Home"

It's Show and Tell Friday!

To join Cindy's My Romantic Home we must post about something from our home or garden.  Well, since we are traveling to Alaska we are away from our home base.  However, our RV is our "home" while we are on the road so I thought I would show you what the interior of our "home away from home" looks like in the above mosaic. 

We travel in what is called a 5th wheel travel trailer which is towed by our Ford F350 pick up truck.  Our RV is a Hitchhiker Discover America 33 feet long with three slides.  It is quite roomy once the three slides are out - one in the bedroom, one in the dinette and another for the small sofa.  The RV is like a suite in a classy hotel complete with microwave, oven, refrig, pantry, dinette, two comfortable recliners, a small sofa bed, full bath with shower, A/C, heat, central vacum, queen size bed and two HD TVs (one with surround sound).   

It takes about an hour to set it up and about two hours to break it down (I'm always slower in the mornings).  We have to unhitch or hitch the truck depending on if we are arriving or leaving a campground and then hook up or unhook the electric, water and/or sewer and cable TV (if available).  Then we raise or lower the front end to level it.  Once everything is done outside we extend the room slides and put out things that were put away for traveling.  We couldn't be more comfortable on the road.  This isn't "camping" it's Rving and we love it.

Please join Cindy at My Romantic Home (here) for more Show and Tell Friday.  Hope you enjoyed the tour of our traveling "home".

Sandy at Teacup Lane 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

REDnesday - Rika's Roadhouse

Today we visited Rika's Roadhouse in Delta Junction, Alaska.  This roadhouse was one of the original roadhouses (like an inn for travelers) on the Richardson Highway in Alaska.  The roadhouses were built about 20 miles apart - what a traveler could travel in one day's time. 

 I made this lovely mosaic of out the red flowers I found around the grounds.  I even included a vintage red tin filled with threads.

Petals of RED!

The museum had many vintage items displayed.  Here's a vintage embroidered tea towel with nice touches of red.

Isn't this a cute vintage red tin with white stars?  And look at those lovely thread colors.

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Sandy at Teacup Lane

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Reflections in A Lake

It's Mosaic Monday!

This is the most beautiful and breathtaking campground we have stayed at on our trip to far.  The remote campground is on a penninsula on the shore of a huge lake that is surrounded by snow covered mountains.  

Cottonwood RV Park is located on the Alaska Highway 16 miles south of Destruction Bay (Yukon, Canada) on the shore of Kluane Lake.   We stayed here the night of June 18.


  Just lovely reflections on the lake!!!

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More coming on our trip to Alaska...and we did finally arrive in Alaska on June 19th!  

Sandy at Teacup Lane

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More REDnesday!

It's REDnesday!

I gathered together some photos - some new and some old to share with you again.  

RED in all its glory!

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Sandy at Teacup Lane

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dawson Creek & the Alaska Highway...FINALLY

We finally made it to the beginning of the Alaska Highway on June 8, 2010 (my hubby's birthday).  The Alaska Highway starts in the town of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.  Here's the  mile marker sign above showing "Mile O".

It was an overcast day but not raining when we arrived.   We set up our RV in the Mile "0" RV Park and came back here to get pictures.  Dawson Creek is a fairly decent size town - population around 12,000.

This is Mile "Zero" Monument in downtown Dawson Creek.  The first monument was first built in 1946 but has been replaced since then.

Hubby in the "Alaska Highway House" in downtown Dawson Creek.  This is a very nice museum whose focus is on the building of the Alaska Highway (started in 1942).  Eleven thousand men worked on putting a military road through the wilderness to Alaska to aid the defense of US and Canada during WWII.

We took a break for lunch at the cute "Hug A Mug" restaurant.

This fantastic ocean mural was air bushed by a local artist.  Food was great too.

Several of the alleyways were painted with interesting murals.  This alley is painted as store fronts.

The artist even painted a kitty looking out of a window on the second floor!

Isn't the Alaska Hotel cute?

Me at the historic Mile O marker.

We celebrated hubby's birthday later in our RV.  Sorry... but we mainly use paper plates when traveling - no fancy china here.  LOL.  Hubby must have his favorite...chocolate cupcake.

I settled for a blueberry cupcake.  It was delicious!

I'm joining our host Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday too.  Please stop in at Mary's blog (here) to see more Mosaic Mondays.

Thanks for joining us at Dawson Creek and the start of the Alaska Highway.  The Alaska Highway is more than 1,400 miles.  Stay tuned for more to come as we head up the road north to Alaska.

Saturday we stopped at the Toad River RV Park for the night on our way to Watson Lake, British Columbia, Canada.  Tonight we are in Baby Nugget RV Park near Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada.  We are getting closer to Alaska.   Wow-can't believe we are in the YUKON!  Tomorrow will be a travel day up to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada where we plan to stay maybe three nights so we can do some sightseeing and housekeeping duties.   Happy Trails to You!  

Sandy at Teacup Lane 

West Edmonton Mall

We stopped in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on June 5, 2010.  We were so close to the Edmonton Mall that we had to drive over to see it.  If you didn't know... the West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping mall in North America.

The first thing we saw was the ice rink - smack dab right in the middle of the mall.  Hubby said it looked professional hockey size to him.  It was huge!

Then we walked into Galaxyland...


And this rollercoaster...there are four of them in Galaxyland!  We left Galaxyland and stopped at Burbon Street for supper at Mr. Mikes Steakhouse where we had a yummy meal.

After supper we continued walking through the mall and discovered this replica of one of Christopher Columbus' ships.  You can hold parties here.

Then we found the World Waterpark...

With this huge wave pool!!!!  Doesn't that look like fun?  It just closed so there is no wave action when we took the picture.

I discovered a "Royal Doulton" store in the mall and of course we stopped at it on our way out of the mall.  I'll have to show you what I bought there when we return home from our trip because it is packed safely away in our RV now.

Hope you enjoyed our tour of the West Edmonton Mall.  There must have been hundreds of stores here and believe it or not there were other attractions that were closed that we didn't get to see.

Sandy at Teacup Lane

Saturday, June 12, 2010

More "Crazy Colors"

I'm still working on my "Crazy Colors" granny square small lap throw.  It will be 12 rows by 12 rows with edging by the time I am finished.  I love all the colors and I particularly like the "join as you go" method for attaching the squares.  I select the colors as I go and so far it's looking pretty good.

We are now in Ft. Nelson, British Columbia.  It's a small town... just around 5,500 people.  We took a down day today just to mostly relax.  I actually fixed all three meals today in our RV - the first time in three weeks.  LOL!  But the truth is we are getting a little tired of eating supper out.  Tomorrow we head north on the Alaska Hwy but not too far.   We are still about 1,200 miles from Fairbanks, AK.

I may not be able to update my blog as frequently as we are having more trouble getting internet connection at the rural RV parks.  And it takes a good connection to view blogs and load photos believe me.  So don't forget me if you don't see a new post for a few days.  I'm still here and missing blogging!

Sandy at Teacup Lane

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

REDnesday - Crazy Horse REDs

The Crazy Horse Monument Museum (Black Hills South Dakota) had so many REDS I went "crazy" taking photos!  From the bead collection display (of so many different colors) to the beautiful bead work to the painted bull to the beautiful quilts.

A very sleepy kitty sunning out on the observation deck at Crazy Horse Monument.

The bead collection was unbelievable!  Every color you could think of was on display - these are the reds. 

Here we are!

And here is the Crazy Horse monument up close.  They have been working on it for decades - no federal money is involved just sponserships and public donations.  No one knows what Crazy Horse looked like so the monument is to represent all Indians and the Indian spirit.

Please join our lovely host Sue at It's A Very Cherry World (here) to see more REDnesday!  Hope you enjoyed our day at the Crazy Horse Monument and the RED world I found there.

Update:  We are in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, for a few days.  The Alaska Highway starts here.  Tomorrow we are doing some sightseeing in the area before we finally take off on the Alaska Highway north.  Alberta and British Columbia Canada is wonderful and we are enjoying our time here - friendly people and great scenery.

Oops - I almost forgot.  We celebrated my sweet hubby's birthday yesterday (June 8).  Happy Birthday Honey!
Sandy at Teacup Lane