Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vertical Book Shelf

It's a beautiful sunny day here with low humidity.  We turned the A/C off and opened the doors and windows.  It's wonderful!

Take a look at this vertical book shelf unit.     

We love books!

Not only do I love to read but so does my Hubby.  

When you have as many books as we do you need some way of keeping track of your inventory.  Several years ago we purchased a scanner inventory computer program, called IntelliScanner.  We found it's a great way to organize our books and movies.  So far we have inventoried all of our DVDs.  But....not all of our books.  We have collected hundreds thousands of books over the 37 years we have been married.  I do enter any new books we have purchased into our inventory program but we have no idea how many books we have at this moment.  Someday I hope to get all of them scanned and entered.  Recently, after cleaning out our upstairs paperback library, we took about 800 science fiction paperback books to Good Will.  I organized all the remaining paperback books and now we can see what we have at a glance.  But that's just one area where we have books stored.     

I love this vertical book shelving...and the turquoise color too.  If I get rid of the high stool we have in our kitchen I could put one of these up and put my cookbooks on it.  It's one of those decorating thoughts I have that I haven't acted on yet.  I think I've seen a similar unit at Ikea.  Heck, it would be easy just to make one from scratch I bet. 

Other news...our old GE dishwasher (15 plus years) wasn't working properly so we had a fancy new stainless steel one (Kitchen Aid) installed today by Lowe's.   This is the second appliance we have bought and had installed by Lowe's and we are very happy with their service.  Just our opinion - we aren't being paid to say this.  We have never had such a quiet dishwasher...we can barely tell it is running.  

Next week we take our travel van back to the RV dealership to have the toilet replaced.  It's a brand new unit so the work is under warranty.  We'll both have to drive up and leave the van for the work overnight.   I wish the dealership was closer - it's an hour and 1/2 to two hour drive up there - but it is what it is.  

We have campground reservations to go to a little 4 day rally just for small travel vans (i.e., RVs categorized as "Bs") like ours at Hershey, PA during the Hershey RV Show in the middle of September.  At this rate that will be our first overnight trip in the van.  

That's all the news here at Teacup Lane.  Hope you are having a lovely day too.    

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pops of RED!

Red and white is just stunning together.  

And nothing says it better than this cute crocheted red and white seat cover.

This kitchen just sparkles with its pop of RED!

I would love to have this farm sink...and these cabinets!  

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Pink Pictures

Sweet PINK roses!

Who says you can't have a pretty pink front door!

Shabby Chic Pink Glasses!

Stunning pink necklace...I can see Audrey Hepburn wearing this.

Pink Vespa!

I have a Vespa but it's a light, pale cream color.

I love it in pink.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Guest Bathroom Decor

Balloon Shade restrung and hung.

I used the flash for this photo.

The flash made the walls bluish but they are more aqua.

I'm 98% done with my balloon shade for our Guest Bathroom (blogged about here).    

I've made changes and fussed over it for several days.  

I found tying the cord strings on the lowest rung completely covered up the black ribbon trim and lace at the bottom of the shade.  So I moved up one rung on the shade and it looks better now.  

Then I found out stringing all four cords to the right pulled on the lightweight fabric of the shade and distorted it terribly.   Plus when pulling the shade up the curtain sides all pulled in too.  I just wasn't happy with the results and went to bed wondering if I was going to have to make a fabric roman shade instead.

The next morning I thought to myself that all the cords don't have to go to one side.  If I split them up with two cords going to each side I reasoned that should lessen the pull on the fabric.  So I restrung the cords splitting them up and now the shade hangs better.  I also used small safety pins to pin the shade at the rod edge on each side to secure it.

I use small clear plastic 3M Command strips to tie the cords to secure the shade length.

Love, just love those removable 3M Command Strips!

I use another one at the top so the cords pull straight across.  

I still have to finish the cord ends.  

While on our RV tour of Alaska last summer I found these black iron hooks in a gift shop.  

I thought hand towels would look nice hanging from them.  Hubby installed them for me.

New Black Iron Towel Hooks

Still a little bit to do in here...purchasing new floor rugs and I would like to hang a cabinet over the toilet too.  

But it's coming along. 

We've been busy packing our travel van.  

We parked our van in our driveway the last two nights and slept out there to try out the couch/bed.  

After adding another blanket over the mattress pad we were happy campers.  One side had a few more inches length to it so Hubby, at six feet tall, liked it best.  

We're using a tan travel sack which is basically a sleeping bag with sheets hooked inside it for bedding.   I bought several white pillow shams for our pillows.  

We still have to take the camper back to the dealership to have the toilet replaced.  And I'm lining the curtains with blackout fabric for privacy.  It takes more thought to pack it since space is limited.  

We can hardly wait to go RVing camping.  

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teacup Day

I haven't blogged about teacups for awhile.  

I love this photo.  

These aren't mine, but I have the teacup in front with the poke a dots and one in the back too.   I blogged about them (here). 

Blue and white teacups...this is soooo stunning!

I love that the plates and cups are mixed all up.

Black and white and A, B, Cs.  It doesn't get any better than this.

 Teacups as a light fixture.  Yes!

Another interesting way to use food dishes for your kitty.

Pink floral teacups...all stacked prettily.

Adorable, teeny, tiny Teacup rings!  Who would have thought?

And lastly four beautifully stacked teacups for your enjoyment!

I haven't bought any new teacups since our trip to Alaska last summer.  I don't like to let any collection get too large.  And unfortunately I've no place to display anymore at this time.   

But I can still admirer the ones I have and drool over these.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cottage & Red

Cottage and RED just go together! 

A beautiful quilted red and white checkered bedspread.  

And a chipped, vintage iron bed frame in white.  Love it.

A vintage white hutch with red trim showcasing vintage dishes in red and white.

Pretty red and blue dishes in florals and poke a dots.

A kitchen filled with vintage aprons and tins... all touched with red...and a red chair.

Three cute painted little chairs and I want that red and white rug!

Be still my beating heart!

I love the blue and white striped painted floor with that fantastic red and white quilt bedspread.

And what a cute foot stool in red and white fabric design.

I love the painted red bottom cabinets with white ones on top.  

I'm dying to paint my wood oak cabinets.

Ok - I know ~ only one project at a time.

I'm still fussing with my Guest Bathroom curtains that I blogged about (here)...stay tuned to see the final results. 

And I'm working on the border/edging of my little red and white striped crochet rug. 

Red and White stripes.
Working on the border/edging of my little red and white striped rug.

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I'm doing a "shout out" about my Christmas blog ~ Sandy Snowflake (here).  

It's up and running so hop on over and take a look.   

It's dedicated 24/7, 365 days just to Christmas. 

There's lots of RED there to drool over daily.

Thanks for taking the time to visit me and have a lovely day.


We just had an earthquake here!  
Hubby is out running errands and I was sitting at my computer pinning and blogging and all of a sudden the whole house started shaking!  I mean really scared me to death.   Lasted maybe a minute but seemed like forever.  I could feel the whole house just shaking was so scary.

The TV news is finally reporting it.  It was centered NW of Richmond and 87 miles SW of D.C.  They are reporting the magnitude at 5.9 maybe even 6.0.

This is the 2nd earthquake I have felt since living here in SE Pennsylvania.  Maybe you folks out on the West Coast are use to this but not me.  Tornadoes...yes....use to them.!  

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Feel Like Turquoise Today

What fantastic turquoise!

I want it all....especially this adorable kitty knocker and that turquoise door.  

And the dress...the bathroom floor....the bedroom....the dishes...the chair and wallpaper....oh, my...I love it all!

This color is so the ocean.  

Do you have anything turquoise?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disney Collages

Source: via Yvette on Pinterest

Source: via Yvette on Pinterest

Source: via Yvette on Pinterest

Source: via Yvette on Pinterest

Source: None via Mia on Pinterest

Aren't these wonderful Disney collages?

I'm so looking forward to going to Walt Disney World in October!

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