Monday, April 19, 2021

Early Spring & Snow Forecasted

 The trees have budded out here in Ohio.  It’s the earliest Spring I can remember in a long time.  And then up popped a weather forecast on my iPhone today advising that heavy snow of 3 to 5 inches is forecasted for this Tuesday night.  I’m tired of snow.  My Serviceberry tree in the front flowered a few days ago too.

Lots of changes happening here in my neighborhood.  Across the street a new house is being built on the empty lot.  It’s been empty the whole six years I’ve been here.  The geese used to build their nests there and raise their young.

And behind our property line for our street the Davey Tree workers came through and torn down a 20 foot strip of trees to install drainage for the new homes (28 homes!) that will be built behind us.  The builder “promised” that no more trees will be cut down but I’ll believe it when I see it.  They let the huge trees fall into the wooded area they didn’t cut and unfortunately lots of uncut trees were damaged.  This area is considered wet lands and it wasn’t to be cut or disturbed.  Today the workers came back to remove most, but not all, of the trees they cut down.

Today I spent most of the day cleaning my granite kitchen counter tops and stainless steel appliances.  I really like the Method Stainless Cleaner.  Boy does it shine the appliances!

I made strawberry shortcake again for the second time this year.  It’s turned into a family favorite dessert. 

We have used our BBQ grill already too.  

I have always used Bisquick’s shortbread recipe to make my shortcake.  

And, of course, lots of Reddi Wip Whip cream!

We love our doggies, senior gal Jewels and puppy, Lucky.

Lucky is so adorable and sweet.  He loves all his toys.

He is spoil rotten of course. 

Getting sleepy.

Eyes closed.  Toy still in his mouth.

Jewels in the meantime sleeps a lot.

Thanks for visiting and have a good day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Missing Our Trips Together

 I found this photo taken during our last trip out West in our Pleasureway Van in September 2013.

We spent several days at Yellowstone National Park.

We had no problem getting a campsite because of our small size.

Never thought my days of traveling with my sweetheart would be over.

Such fun times we had during our life together.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

My T-Shirt Quilt

A family member asked if I could make a T-Shirt quilt for her from her high school days to take with her to college last summer.

I had never made one and knew it could be tricky working with knits.

She brought over around 12 T-Shirts and I washed them and ironed them.

Next I googled how to videos and found an excellent one explaining in details all the steps.

I cut out the sections to use.  It generated a lot of scraps.

I had to order the interfacing needed to stabilize the knitted pieces.

That took FOREVER due to COVID.

And luckily my niece’s heat press helped to reduce the time needed to press the interfacing to the pieces.  Ironing it would have taken forever and would not have been done as completely.

I followed the instructions from the video to mark the center lines of the pieces.

I cut all of the blocks (except for four) 13 inches by 13 inches.

The other four had larger designs on them so they became 16 inches by 16 inches.

I played around with the placement and once that was decided I started sewing the blocks and then rows together.

I decided to make a border around all the blocks alternating the knit colors.

In the meantime I ordered a knit backing fabric after my cousin selected the ones she liked.

Then it was sandwiched with the top, padding and backing.

That took several smoothing out the wrinkles to get it ready to quilt.

I tried to do free motion quilting but the quilt was so heavy to move around and I was very disappointed with the results.  So I picked out all the stitching and put my walking foot on.  First I stitched 1/4 foot on each side of the stitch lines to stabilize it.  Then with the walking foot I marked quilt lines for each of the blocks.

I made a machine embroidered label for the back too!

My cousin loved it!

But I did say it’s my first T-Shirt quilt and my last one.