Saturday, June 26, 2021

My Hydrangeas, Daisies & More

 My lovely hydrangeas and daisies are in full bloom.

When we landscaped our yard six years ago, I deliberately told the landscaper I wanted to keep my plants small.  After having over grown shrubs in previous homes, I knew how fast and huge plants can grow over the years.

The original landscape design was loaded with plants.  I cut it under half what was shown.  

I didn’t want shrubs that would obscure the view of the house or allow someone to hide behind them.

One thing I miss from our Pennsylvania home is the flower window boxes on our cute shed.

My plan is to someday add window boxes to my garage windows.

I’m holding out running the sprinklers in the front yard.  It’s so expensive to water the yard here.

I was shocked when I received my first several water bills the first season the grass was put in and watered frequently.

I didn’t even know how to run the sprinkler system.  I googled it and learned.  This is the first house we have had sprinklers.  One thing I learned over the years, the brown grass will turn green again.

I was in pain the last week.  So I didn’t get much done.  I even had to cancel one of my strength training sessions on Friday.  I don’t know if it was bursitis and/or arthritis in both hips.  All I know was it hurt and it disturbed my sleep.  Last night I finally took an Aleve and slept better.  It’s not gone completely but it’s not bothering me as much now.  We have had a lot of rain and more is forecasted for the next week. 


A friend gifted me her Brother Cut n’ Scan machine.  I have misplaced the manual but I found the DVD with all the information and the manual.  I’ve printed out the manual and it is much easier to read than the original one that came with the machine.  So maybe it was a blessing I misplaced it.

I have to rearrange my sewing area [..again] to accommodate the machine.  It has to be connected  to my PC.  I’m hoping I can get it connected  so I can at least tell my friend I used it.


I went out to lunch for the first time since March 2020!  It was wonderful to visit with a dear designer friend who is helping me plan to convert my screened in porch to a 4 season room.

We looked at Pella windows to replace my screens and a sliding door to replace the current door which has never closed properly.  


I had hoped to finish a July 4th wall hanging in time for Independence Day but I don’t think it will happen.

It’s pieced but needs to be sandwiched with batting and back and quilted.

We plan to BBQ for Independence Day.  

I might fix Strawberry Shortcake because it such a nice summer dessert.


I keep changing the subject, but I have 34 Inspector George Gently books by Alan Hunter (pocketbooks and kindle versions).

There are more but I haven’t found them all yet.  I’m going to try to see if Barnes and Noble can order the ones I am missing.

So what have all of you been up to this summer? 

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

My Screened In Porch

 I spent Saturday last week scrubbing down my screened in porch with Spic n’ Span using our boat brush and rinsing with the hose to remove all the pollen, dirt and grime from winter and spring.


I almost finished it in one day and didn’t feel sore, although maybe a little tired.  But so pleased it was done and I could use the porch before the hot and humid summer weather starts.

I had already paid to have the house, deck, driveway and sidewalks (sealed too) professionally powered washed a few weeks before. 

I store the porch furniture cushions in a storage bin over winter and I always cover the furniture with painter’s drop cloths.  

I am thinking of turning the screened in porch into a 4 season room.   Breaking it down, setting it up and all the scrubbing is more work than I want to do as I age.  But I would love to be able to sit out there anytime, any season.  My plan is to have large windows that I can open to make it feel like a screened in porch but be able to close it up to keep out the pollen and dirt.

I made a big change in my routine recently adding weekly strength exercising sessions.  I’ve read that strength exercises are even more beneficial than cardiovascular as one ages.

MaxStrength Fitness was running complementary free sessions so I decided to bite the bullet and try it out at age 74!  They recommend two twenty minute sessions a week.  The exercise room is kept very cool so you don’t even work up a sweat.  They work you on different machines until your muscles are fatigued.  I like it because it it nearby and I can be done and home in an hour.  

Next Friday I’m having my neighborhood lady friends over for lunch out on my screened in porch.  Everyone brings a lunch and I will provide the drinks.  We are all vaccinated and can social distance on the porch easily.  

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Spring Cleaning & More

 I’m back.  

I have been meaning to blog but instead I’ve been Spring Cleaning.

I have a lighted China Cabinet above my coffee station that was filled with teacups, Polish Pottery mugs, miscellaneous mugs etc.

It was busy looking to say the least.

So I decided to go on to see if I could find some teacup holders to hang my teacups.

I found a set of four and ordered two after measuring to make sure they would fit on my shelves.

They came quickly and they were easy to put together.

I positioned a set for each side to show off my teacups through the glass.

I had a set of white teacups that I placed on the back row and put my set of Royal Daulton teacups in front.

Then I order two racks to fit on my bottom shelf to better display my Polish Pottery mugs.

I was so pleased when they fit perfectly too!

I am lucky to live very close to a Polish Pottery store here in my town.

I couldn’t believe that I have 22 Polish Pottery mugs!

I love them because they are all bordered by a deep blue ring, microwave and dishwasher safe too.

And, as many of you know, once you start reorganizing it expands to other areas.

Next I ordered six white racks to go in my Christmas Cabinet.

They look nice, are study and display my Christmas decor beautifully.

These little white racks are working out so well that I ordered three more of this size plus one larger.

I have a Knick knack cabinet in my laundry room that could use reorganizing too.

I even managed to polish my silver that had turned dark.

We had a lovely sunny 80 degree day yesterday to celebrate my niece’s boyfriend’s birthday.

Andrew loves to cook so he BBQ’d baby back ribs on the grill.

They were delicious!  

We are back to rain and cooler temperatures the next few days.

But I took a delightful spin around the neighborhood on my Liberty Trike yesterday.

The builder is still working on the drainage in the wet lands behind our property line.

They reached behind me on Friday and then quit at noon leaving this ugly thing with gravel in it and the pipes all lined up.

The machines are so noisy I had to put ear plugs in my ears. 

 I dread them coming  back but I want the work completed.  

The machines run back and forth all day!

They even drove up my driveway with a pickup truck loaded with 5 or 6 of these heavy pipes and across the back yard to dump them without asking permission.

And the ground was wet from the rain.

I couldn’t believe their nerve.

Well, I better get back to work.

Thanks for visiting and all the lovely comments.