About Teacup Lane

Welcome to Teacup Lane!  

My name is Sandy and I lived in southeast Pennsylvania with my sweet hubby from 2000 to March 2015.   We were both raised in the Midwest (Cleveland area) and lived in Chicago for 26 years before moving to PA in January 2000.  We loved living in the beautiful Brandywine Valley Of PA.  But after several years of retirement and knowing that we weren't getting any younger, we decided to move back to Ohio to be close to our brothers.  So, we found a beautiful model ranch home that we liked on the west side of Cleveland over a year ago and had a similar one built just for us.  It seemed like it took forever to be built but we finally moved in in the middle of March 2015 even though it wasn't totally finished.  Sometimes it seems like we never left Ohio and lived all those years in Illinois and Pennsylvania.  But, it is so wonderful to be by family finally and for that we are blessed.  

I chose the above photo as my first blog header because I have a small collection of teacups.  When I decided to start a blog, and not being very clever with words,  I struggled what to name it.  Then I remembered my cleaning service gals telling me one day that they gave "names" to their clients and mine was "Teacup Lady" because of my teacup collection.  I finally settled on "Teacup Lane" as the name of my blog. 

The Shelley England Fine Bone China tea set (or chocolate set?), Rose Bud, shown above was passed down to me from my paternal Grandmother.  The vintage Hansel clothes brush was my Mother's.  And the pearls belonged to my MIL.  All were treasures passed down by three wonderful women who inspired and influenced me.   Sadly, all of these dear ladies have passed away but they remain in my heart forever.

I hope you enjoy my blog as I ramble on about crocheting, Christmas and my homes.  

Please feel free to leave a comment as I love to hear from all of you.