Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's RED Hot Here!

Images Courtesy of Flickr
1. sometimes, my brother brings me flowers, 2. number red, 3. Beach hut, 4. helvetia, 5. Azores, 6. 36, 7. ROB_3876, 8. birdie in red & white, 9. Flower

It's another RED HOT day (90 degrees F. plus) here in southeast Pennsylvania!  

It feels more like we just had our 4th of July weekend rather than Memorial Day with these high temperatures.  I can't remember having such a hot Memorial holiday ever.   At least the humidity isn't too high yet.   

I'm posting some more yummy RED and WHITE images I found on Flickr for you to enjoy for REDnesday.

Our new travel van is in the shop getting an updated fancy radio, GPS, DVD player and back up camera installed today.  So we will have new tech toys to play with going down the road.  I'll be sharing some photos of the new van soon.

Just a heads up that I may not be able to post as frequently in the next few weeks...have some personal stuff scheduled that will keep me very busy. 

I'm so glad you came to visit with me!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

From Our Home to Yours!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love Our Red, White & Blue!

Images Courtesy of Flickr

1. Patriotism , 2. gone fishing, 3. 7646, 4. Memorial Day, 5. Patriotic Setting, 6. Red, White and Blue and an Egg Too!, 7. USA, 8. stamp USA United States of America Lady Liberty in god we trust timbre États-Unis u.s. postage 8 c Cent selo Estados Unidos sello USA francobolli USA Stati Uniti d'America почтовая марка США pullar ABD 邮票 美国 Měiguó Briefmarken USA New York Liberty Island, 9. Rows of Pride

Please enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!  

A huge THANK YOU to all that have served our great country past & future.

We grilled hot dogs yesterday...yummy!

We're having fun playing with our new travel van...now we have to pack it with just the essentials for our trips.  Not as much storage as our huge 5th wheel travel trailer had.   

Tomorrow is suppose to be 94 degrees F. here is SE PA!  

Too hot to be outside that's for sure.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

PINK Bikes!

Images Courtesy of Flickr
1. My new Sunday cruiser, 2. adjustedpinkbke, 3. Pink Bike 6, 4. taking a break, 5. Schnie-01, 6. Autumn Bike Love, 7. Pink Bike 12, 8. Pink Bike 17, 9. Pink transportation

Ladies of all ages love their pink bikes!

My pick is No. 2...with the beautiful basket of flowers.

It even has a pink bike seat!  How cute is that!

Do you have a pink favorite?

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Yard

Images Courtesy of Teacup Lane


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

REDnesday - RED Hearts

Images Courtesy of Flickr
1. Chocolate muffin cupcake with buttercream topping, sprinkled and topper with a love heart topper pick, 2. Sweetheart Lollypops, 3. This is no place for a broken heart. ~ 37/111 Pictures in 2011 Project ~ (damaged) ~, 4. Falling in Love, 5. Hearts, 6. Une Folle Envie, 7. Heart for you!, 8. Stuffed hearts, 9. manzana

May 25, 2011

I thought lots of yummy RED Hearts are appropriate for REDnesday tomorrow since it is our 37th wedding anniversary!  

How did the time go by so quickly?  It seems just like yesterday two kids walked down the aisle together (blogged about here) and now we are in our sixties.      

To celebrate we are taking a day road trip in our new downsized RV travel van.   We just picked it up today so we have no plans... we are just going to take some beautiful Pennsylvania/Delaware back roads and wing it for the day.   Luckily tomorrow's suppose to be sunny and warm (in the 80s F.) and then unfortunately we are back to four more days of rain. 

Lots of love to all of you!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Little Cottage Style

Images Courtesy of Flickr
1. Vintage enamelware coffeepot, 2. Soft Wool, 3. Aqua teapot close~up, 4. Time for tea!, 5. Whatcha Working On, 6. another one, 7. Cushion Love, 8. bunny egg cups, 9. Girl & Bunting

Sweet Cottage!  

Vintage...adorable...what isn't there to love about these cottage images I found on Flickr to share with you for Mosaic Monday?

I fell in love with the pink crocheted blanket (No. 6).  Imagine a mother's love crocheted into every stitch!

And I can't help but laugh looking at those cute bunny egg cups (No. 8).  Oh, and that sweet baby lamb....I just want to hug her (No. 2).

I hope you enjoy these too!

Don't forget to clink on each legend to see the full image.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Color PINK

Images Courtesy of Flickr

1. Pink Uno, 2. pink building, 3. Hidden Cottage, 4. Pink & Black, 5. Illusory, 6. 100_1052, 7. This is one of my favorites! Nothing like a pink and red house., 8. Pink house, 9. little pink house

Minnie Mouse would love these PINK buildings!

You gotta love No. 1...a pink home with a pink car and pink flowers!

And I would love to see more of No. 3 (that adorable pink cottage) and No. 4 (I like that black front door it really pops with the pink house and that large picture window...yum, yum).

How about you...would you go PINK?  

I would... if I lived down south and especially close to the ocean.

I'm sure our Homeowners Association wouldn't approve pink as an exterior color in our subdivision!

Ha!  You bet they wouldn't!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Between the Rains...

Isn't the center of the four petaled Kousa Dogwood flower cute...it looks like a "button"!

Bloomin' Kousa Dogwood!

Bloomin' flowers of our Kousa Dogwood!

We got lucky and had a few hours of sunshine between the clouds and the thunderstorms today!

So...like a true dedicated blogger I grabbed my camera and ran out to get photos of our blooming

  Kousa Dogwood tree.  

The Kousa Dogwood is a native plant to this area.  It will grow to about 25 feet.  It is loaded with these pretty greenish yellow flowers.

Enjoy some more views....

Isn't it pretty with the sun shining through the flowered branches?

Interesting leaves too!

Our stunning Kousa Dogwood Tree!

The sun has gone away and the clouds are getting dark and gray with severe thunderstorms coming. 

Now I have to turn lights on in the house it's getting very dark. 

But our grass is loving all this rain and is sooo thick.  

Rain is predicted through next Monday...that's over a week of rain. 

Call me...


Teacup Lane 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun with Red, White & Blue

Images Courtesy of Flickr
1. 09.11.10 : red white and blue heart, 2. Red, White and Blue, 3. Red, White & Blue, 4. Red, White & Blue, 5. red/white/rusty, 6. red, white & blue.jpg, 7. Red White & Blue Fighting Fish, 8. red, white, and blue, 9. Red, White & Blue Sprinkles

These are just such FUN images in Red, White & Blue!

I'm glad I found them on Flickr so I could share them with you.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue & White Decor

Images Courtesy of Flickr
1. my future potting shed, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. blue headboard and marlin, 5. plate wall, 6. Untitled, 7. blue and white loft, 8. ribbon curtain, 9. Untitled

I love Blue & White together!

It's such a clean, cool and calm look...and it reminds me of blue skies and blue/green oceans.

All of these images I found on Flickr are fantastic!

Gosh, I would love to have those blue and white plates on the wall (No. 5) and that solid deep blue wall with the tree in white (No. 9) is just stunning.

On the other hand although I love the blue headboard in No. 4,  I'm not sure I would like to have a huge stuffed swordfish hanging over my head when I'm sleeping!  LOL!

Which image is your favorite?

Our Master Bedroom and Bath walls are done in blue, white and cream with our drapes and curtains a blue toile on a white background so you know I love this combination.   

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

PINK Saturday and The Porch is Clean!

I can't help taking another look at our Easter Flowers in all their PINKNESS!

The new pressure washer!

Yesterday I started using our new pressure washer to clean our screened in porch.   It works great at cleaning off the furniture....all the YELLOW yucky tree pollen is gone.  I still have to scrub the bottoms of the patio chairs...two are done...next year I will put them away in the shed instead of leaving them out all winter on the porch.  I couldn't believe all the dirt and grime on the floor.

The Adirondack green chairs are from Lands End.

Today I finished the porch and the deck before the rain started.  

We have rain forecasted through Wednesday...five straight days of rain.   ICK!  

All done - just before the rain started!

Dirt and grime collect under the railings on to the floor and it is very hard to get it all out.  Spraying on one side will push it out on the other side.  Then I would have to go back and re-clean the side I already cleaned.  But each time it gets cleaner.  Patience.....

It's pretty dark out - no sun shining here today!

All the furniture is shining now and even the grill cover that had yellow pollen all over it is all clean.  

This table and chairs set belonged to my in-laws.  They are holding up nicely for their age.

It's still raining lightly out and the temperature has dropped to 61 degrees F. so it is cool outside.  Too cool to sit out and enjoy the clean porch.  Shucks!

I'm hosting our BUNCO neighborhood group this Wednesday.  It's a good incentive to get me going to polish the silver (done!), clean out the fireplace (done!) and clean my teacups (yea...done!).  

The valances I have in our family room and kitchen are from Country Curtains.  I love them because they are washable.  I bought two sets - one in Cranberry checks for fall and winter - and the other in Tan checks for spring and summer.  I broke one of the glass finials on one of the curtain rods taking down the valance yesterday.  Thankfully Hubby glued it back together - we letting it set for at least two days.  I hope it works.  

The Tan Checked valance in our family room.  

I use this set in the spring and summer.
The Tan Checked valance over the kitchen sink.
Next I think I will tackle our book units in the family room.  They always need straightening up.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping to get food and drinks needed for BUNCO.  I have the cleaning service coming Tuesday to do the general cleaning (yea!).   

Are you wondering what BUNCO is?  It's an easy dice game that we play with 12 people.   It's an excuse to get together with the girls and have a fun night out.   Each of the regulars take a turn hosting once a year.  We also have about 12 ladies who sub for a regular when necessary. 

Do you have neighborhood get togethers?  

Have a lovely weekend and thanks so much for visiting with me.  

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Flower Boxes

Another beautiful day here at Teacup Lane.
Our back yard is a work in progress.  And has been for years.

Yesterday I planted flowers in the window boxes on our shed.

At the ends of each box are Vinca Vines...they will trail down over the box just lovely.  

The purple flower is Callie Purple (Calibrachoa) and the pink flower is Silhouette Salmon (Double Impatiens). 

The yellow flower is Superbells Saffron.  

And in the center of each box is a Coleus.     

Yep, that's me reflected in the window.

This is box number 1.

Me again and box number 2.

And there I am again with box number 3.

The flower boxes on the shed aren't very large but they do hold quite a few flowers.  

Once everything starts growing they should become more lush...I hope.

The shed.

I thought I would share some photos of the back yard with you.

Our huge Snowball shrub I blogged about recently.

We had the landscapers add the paver sidewalk and stepping stones last fall.

We are thinking of having a paver patio added along the back of the porch/deck with a short wall around the front of the river birch tree and maybe a small water fountain that we can see from the porch.  Now that the evergreens and river birch tree have grown we have more shade here...so we may have problems with grass growing here in a few years.  

And my dream is to have flowers planted under the Serviceberry tree next to the stepping stones.  I think Impatiens would look lovely here.  

I can't plant anything on the other side of the porch until we have all the downspout gutters buried in the yard.  That's a good excuse for it being so empty and plain.  Right now it's a great place for all the weeds to grow.  And boy do they!   LOL! 

Clean Me!

Tomorrow is suppose to be nice so I'm finally going to clean the porch and deck.  Just the little bit I did yesterday with planting the flowers in the window boxes and trimming our seeded areas in the yard did me in.  I was so sore last night and still am a little bit today.  I have all these things I want to do but my body isn't always up to the task.  It's no fun getting older and not being able to do the things I use to be able to do.   

Well, that's enough feeling sorry for myself.  I'm going to get a nice, cool drink and sit out on the porch and listen to the birds.  

Wish you could sit with me! 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Muddy Waters

What's new at Teacup Lane?

Have you guessed?

What's brown, tan and aqua?

Crocheted into RIPPLES...
Lots of RIPPLES...

Variegated colors....

Could it be?
Yes, I think it is!

Muddy Waters!

Hope you enjoyed having a sneak peek at my current crochet project....oh, yes...I know...it's another ripple throw in luscious brown, tan and aqua (using Caron's Simply Soft yarn).

I'm calling this one Muddy Waters.

I played around with my camera today taking a video of Muddy Waters.  

I hope I can figure out how to post the video.  I think if you click on MVI 1613 below it will take you to the video posted on Flickr.  If it doesn't work at least I tried.
Update:  The video didn't post on Flickr.  Not sure what I did wrong.  

MVI_1613 by teacuplane-sandy
MVI_1613, a photo by teacuplane-sandy on Flickr.

Muddy Waters is still a work in progress but I just couldn't wait to share it with you.  

Ripples are so easy to do while watching TV at night.  

It's a beautiful day here - 75 degrees - sunny and no humidity.  I'm working in the yard putting flowers in our shed's window boxes today.  

And maybe, if I'm not too pooped out, I will try to pressure wash our screened in porch/deck this afternoon.