Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wall Art...Sort Of

I've been busy cleaning and de-cluttering kitchen drawers and cabinets this week.  

I host our BUNCO gals in March so I decided I better "get her going" and clean up the place.  

You know after Christmas and all the decorations things get stuffed away to make room.  

And...I couldn't remember where I stuffed away put my fantastic "wall art".

I finally got down on my hands and knees and looked in the bottom shelf of our Danish Unit in our family room and found these way back in a corner.  

I couldn't see them unless I was on the floor peeking in. 

 LOL !

 I love the purple thistle on these.

I even have a matching Dundee Thistle teacup and saucer (blogged about here).

 Finally back on the central hallway wall.

You probably already guessed my so called "wall art" is two vintage china cigarette ash trays.  

I bet you don't know anyone else who has hung "art" like this in their home.

I think I fit in with the designers...after all they hang all kinds of stuff on walls. 

So I can too.  

It's my home.

Anyways I like here they will stay.

Have you done anything like this?  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's Go Swimming!

My vintaged V-Stitch crocheted afghan, "White Caps" is finished!

Shall we go swimming!

The waves are crashing in...

White capped and beautiful...

In glorious shades of blue and green...

Ah...the ocean!

Edged down the two sides with Dark Country Blue.

Fourteen five-yarn color bands separated by the white yarn.

There she blows!

My "White Caps"!

Additional information provided on Ravelry (here).  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Gift Dishcloth

I had fun crocheting a simple cotton dishcloth in green, pink and yellow for a friend.

Her favorite colors are green, pink and yellow.  

I made up the pattern - just double crochet, single crochet across.

Additional information available on Ravelry (here).

Aren't these pretty SPRING colors!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

For All Cat Lovers

1. sitting between me and the laptop, 2. nah, i'm not looking, 3. i'm taking a nap, 4. Curious, 5. merlin, 6. Taj's Christmas Portrait, 7. serious, 8. Gomez, 9. head butt

As a child we only had one dog.   

She was a mutt my Daddy bought home as a surprise when I was nine years old.  We named her Lady... guessed right...we were influenced by the Disney movie, "Lady and The Tramp," which was very popular back then in the 1950s. 

Even though we never had a cat, I think cats are beautiful animals. 

Hubby and I only had one dog, Dusty, a large, big-boned German Shepherd, for seven years until we lost him to bone cancer in 1987.  My, but we loved that doggie.  

And miss him still after all these years.

So this post is dedicated to all you cat lovers out there.

It's hug your kitty day!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Victorian Baby Jacket in PINK!

Our niece is expecting her second child this July.

I had already decided to give her the two baby blankies (here) and (here) I crocheted previously.

We were anxiously awaiting to hear if they were having a boy or another girl.   

While we were at Walt Disney World our niece texted us...

Another little princess for them!   

We were so pleased.

And then...

I saw this adorable little pink and white Victorian BABY Jacket on Pinterest. 

I fell in LOVE with this FREE pattern (download available here).

It's perfect for a PRINCESS!

Could I crochet this?

I have to try it.

I'm GOING for it. 

Now mind you I have only ever crocheted one baby dress (for their first baby girl, Hailey) so this is a new challenge for me. 

Luckily I have a skein of Caron Simply Soft yarn in Soft Pink in my stash.

I love it in PINK!

My first try of the foundation chain and first two rows was BAD...I didn't read the pattern correctly. 

 So I drew a rough diagram to help me out. 

 My second try was better. 

 I'm a visual person and I like diagrams along with the written instructions.

I just wish more designers would include them.

Wish me luck with this one!

More information on this project available on Ravelry (here).  

Friday, February 15, 2013

On Our Way Home

We always eat at Ft. Wilderness's Trails End restaurant our last night. And to make it even more special it was our Valentine supper too! Delicious!

We saw Chip and Dale in the Meadows Trading Post last night when we stopped to fill my coffee mug. That was a neat surprise!

See my cute Mickey Mouse Valentine! My sweet Hubby knows me so well. Mickey will go on my Disney shelf at Christmas time.

Yesterday was cold, damp and raining most of the day. We lowered the plastic rain flaps on our golf cart and we were dry as a bone. We can't complain though because we have had beautiful weather while here at Ft. Wilderness (Walt Disney World, FL).

We got up early this morning (6 AM) and pulled away (7 AM) to start our long journey north. It was dark, 54°, wet and overcast. Everywhere was quiet with just a few people up jogging or dog walking. Hated to leave but we will be happy once we are home again.

All in all we have had a great vacation at WDW with fantastic weather. You know I think we will do this again. After all this is ONLY our 9th trip since we retired five years ago. LOL !

I'm typing this as we drive north on I-95. Currently we are in Georgia and it's sunny and 59°. We're going to do the drive home in two days so that means two very long driving days. Well, I better get this posted.

Have a lovely day dear readers.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

May you and your sweetie have a most wonderful Valentine's Day!

I know we will here in Mickey & Minnie Mouse's and Lady & The Tramp's wonderful Disney World!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Driving through Ft. Wilderness

Come on with us as we drive on the main loop of Ft. Wilderness Resort at Walt Disney World.

It's a huge campground resort with over 19 campground loops for RVs and tents and that's not counting the several cabin rental loops. There are dedicated pet RV loops with walking areas for one's furry creatures. Each bathhouse, with excellent showers I might add, and good laundry facilities is shared by two camping loops.

There are two stores where you can purchase groceries, souvenirs, books and magazines. One main restaurant, Trails End, serves delicious buffet meals. The camping resort also has a huge swimming pool with snack bar, tennis courts, horseback riding plus golf cart, canoes and bike rentals too. And easy transport to the Disney parks via the Disney busses or the ferry boats.

It's a great place to stay.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Blue Florida Skies

Is there anything more beautiful than BLUE Florida skies?

We have had the greatest weather on this trip. No humidity...just warm sunny temperatures with cool breezes.

We're sitting outside at our campsite this morning soaking in the warm rays of sun because in a couple of days we will be heading north back into the cold and winter...and snow.

This afternoon we are going over to the Magic Kingdom for supper at the Liberty Tavern and we may stay for the evening parade and fireworks.

Well, so long guys it's time to go back to relaxing in the SUN...and crocheting (I'm starting my tenth five-color section) on my "White Caps" throw.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lazy Days

Today we broke camp again and drove over to Tampa, Florida, to visit Lazy Days, probably the largest RV dealership in Florida. It's the largest one we have ever seen. We are always looking to see what will be our next RV. We have had just about every kind of RV from trailer, pop-up truck camper, Class A Winnabego Motorhome, Class C Chinook to our current Class B Pleasure Way. Each has their pros and cons. We have liked each one.

It was a nice drive over to Lazy Days just about an hour each way. On the way we spotted these cute Mickey Mouse electrical power lines...only at Walt Disney World! We ate lunch at a Cracker Barrel restaurant situated right next to the dealership.

We had fun looking at several Born Frees (Class C motor homes), different makes of Class B: some ERAs and Pleasure Ways (what we have) and some small class C Winnabegos (View). They even had some cute tiny Tear Drop trailers...wish we had one when we were younger (and thinner) and could crawl inside it. LOL!

It was a nice outing but we were happy to be back home at our campsite at Ft. Wilderness.