Saturday, April 18, 2015

Settling In...Sort Of!

How about a cool strawberry milk and a hot roast beef sandwich for lunch on this beautiful Saturday!

I've been bad this morning.  

After vacuuming several rooms I took a break and went down to our lower level and watched two movies in our media room.  

That's where we installed a 75 inch flat screen TV with 7.1 surround sound.  

Oh, my gosh... what an experience!  

It's like being at the movie theater. 

We've done a lot of unpacking since moving in about a month ago.   

I worked on the kitchen first, then the pantry. 

We used California Closets to do all of our closets including our pantry.

I designed the layout on all of them.

I couldn't be happier!

They did a terrific installation job!

Not a cheap option but thank goodness no more "wire" shelves!

This is the wrap around walk in pantry.  

After working on the pantry it was time to dig into box after box to unpack my China cabinet and Christmas cabinets.  

We managed to empty one small storage unit.
But haven't touched the other larger one yet - except to bring home the three book cases.  
I work a little here and then a little there.  

We bought a new washer and dryer. 

We needed one that vented the dryer out on the left side.  

I didn't want a front loader washer.  

Since the laundry room cabinets were already installed we had to measure carefully to make sure the appliances fit the opening.  

The lid of the washer couldn't be too high either or it would hit the cupboard.  

We settled on a GE set that just fit in the space. 

We also bought a new king size bed for the master bedroom.  

It had been decades since we bought a mattress so I did some research on the Internet.  

Our last two mattresses were bought at Sears but the Sears today isn't the same store that we all grew up with in the 50s and 60s so we decided to go elsewhere.  

I didn't trust the stand-alone mattress stores that are located all over the place in the little strip malls.  

We finally settled on a Beauty Rest Firm mattress at Macy's.  

We also purchased a gray fabric quilted bed frame.  

We love the bed.  

It is so comfortable. 

I've been working on the hobby room mostly my sewing/craft side.

However, I have no time for sewing until it is set up.

We moved four book cases into the hobby room to use for my sewing/crochet books, my yarn and my Teddy Bear Collection.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start to fill them up.

I love all the room I have around my cutting table.

Finally today the builder's crew came to work on our porch and deck.  

They didn't finish but they worked all day on it.  

I'm anxious to get it done so we can use the porch before the hot, humid weather arrives.  

Plus we want to remove the outside furniture out of the garage to make room for our car.

Well, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter


This is my first posting from our new home in Ohio. 

We finally got connected to Internet and WiFi yesterday.

It's gray, dark and overcast here in Ohio this Easter morning.  

I slept better last night and woke up this morning sort of concerned I only had one Easter decoration out in our new home. 

Hearth Room Fireplace

Now I should be easier on myself since we just moved in about two weeks ago and many of our boxes are not unpacked yet. 

Great Room Fireplace Mantel

Then as I was lying there in bed this morning I remembered we put the Christmas bins and other holiday bins in our lower level storage closet.  

Easy to get to. 

New Kitchen!

I jumped out of bed and went downstairs, opened the Easter bin and carried up in my arms as much of my Easter decorations as I could. 

Bunnies placed in the front windows.

I had fun going around our new home and setting up the decorations.  

It seems silly putting up the decorations on Easter when it will be over so soon now.  

But I may just leave them up this week to enjoy.

Well, at least the bunnies can stay out for Spring.  

Our flat screen TVs were hung the other day.

There is a long punch list of items still to be finish in our new home.

Gutters were installed two days ago.

The screened in porch and deck aren't finished yet either.

And we have to wait until the weather warms up to have the driveway and sidewalk poured.

Now our yard is all mud…thick horrible clay.

A different view for us out of our screened in porch slider.

We are having Easter dinner at my brother-in-law's house.  

And instead of having to drive 450 miles like we had to in the past now we have less than 10 miles to drive to his house. 

We love having our family close to us.  

That is our Easter blessing!

I hope you have a Blessed and Happy Easter!