Monday, May 25, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hanging Stuff and My Coffee Station

I'm back.  

Sorry it's been so long.  

Still unpacking and settling into our OH home.   

The good news is we closed on our PA home last Thursday.

A nice, young couple with two sons bought our PA home.   

It seems so strange not to own it anymore but wonderful to only have one house to deal with going forward. 

 I hung my black and white bird plates in our hearth room. 

I had to hang something.

Most of our wall stuff is still in our storage unit here in Ohio.

We just haven't got around to moving it all over here yet.

I've been crocheting a border on my blue, green, yellow and white little throw. 

Just winging it as usual.

I think I will finish it off in blue. 

I just noticed I haven't posted this project on my Ravelry page yet. 

I'll try to post the details there soon.   

Last week my sweet brother-in-law and his wife moved our outdoor furniture to our porch for us.   

The builder finally sent a worker over to pressure wash it - it was filthy.    

The wood bead board ceiling still has to be sealed.

This porch has "EZ Breeze" clear vinyl panels that we can raise or lower.

It's nice to be able to "close it" when it rains.

The porch is staying cleaner with the panels down too. 

If you look closely, you can see the panels are open in the corner two windows above.      

I love my coffee station.  

I had them installed the granite countertops on the back splash in this section. 

My coffee station is situated on the wall between the refrigerator and microwave oven. 

I filled one cabinet drawer below it with all my K-cups and instant coffee.  

I think it is time for another cup of coffee.  


Isn't that the truth!