Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Pella Door & Sidelights

Yesterday we had our new Pella front door, sidelights and storm door installed.

Let's look at our old builder's special door.

Here is our 17 year very old worn front exterior door, sidelights and storm door. 

 The old front door was painted dark green to match our window shutters.

Everything was worn out with wear and tear and some water damage and the door made a terrible loud noise everytime it was opened and closed.

The old storm door that barely would catch when closed.

The old worn silver aluminum threshhold floor plate. 

 The old storm door had pulled completely out of the wood frame twice on us.

The ugly cheap old brass door handle that I tried to clean up but was unsuccessful.

This is the third Pella door we've had and we highly recommend this manufacturer. 

 Three professional and very nice Pella associated carpenters worked on the installation from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM.  

They didn't even break for lunch but worked steadily and carefully the whole time. 

 They were great and cleaned up the work site as they went.

Here they have removed the old door and sidelights and are installing the new frame with the new sidelights.

New storm door in black and door frame in white.

New threshhold door plate in black.

New Baldwin lifetime solid brass door handle. 

You can see the grass reflected in it it is so shiny.

We decided to go with a black exterior door - black goes with any color shutters. 

 We just had our shutters repainted last year dark green.

The Inside Baldwin brass door handle. 

 I know brass finish is "out" now and nickel is "in" but I love the look of the polished brass finish on the new exterior black door. 

 That shiny gold on the black door is just so stunning and classy. 

 Plus our fixture finish is mostly brass in our home. 

 I like the polished brass and I don't care what the current fashion is.

We moved our door bell from the side frame of the sidelight to the front. 

 Now it is very visible. 

 Before no one hardly ever rang our door bell because they couldn't see it very well.

A nice close up of our new stained-glass sidelights. At night the light sparkles off the stained-glass. It's so pretty.

I thought about having a black interior door but went with white again. 

 I sort of wish I had gone with interior black color but I think Hubby likes the white so I'm ok with it.

There you have it!  It's a beauty!

The Pella installers recommended we repaint our outer frame in Sherwin Williams "Pella White" so it more closely matches the new white sidelights.

Now can anyone explain why we were so pooped after the workmen left and we didn't do any of the work!

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  1. Looks great, Sandy, anything you put on the door will pop against the black. I know, I feel tired watching others work, or even hearing about it. xo

  2. :D SO pretty! I know you must be so happy with the makeover. Your door and hardware look great!


  3. I am so utterly excited for you! I have been wanting a new front door since we moved in! It looks so classic and beautiful!. And I love that you don't worry about what is "in" but do what you like! I totally agree with that philosophy--especially since what is "in" today will be "out" tomorrow. My philosophy on decorating, "Do what you like and what makes you happy!" You go, girl! Take a rest and relax--maybe do some crocheting!

  4. It's all very pretty! I just love front doors. I could change ours out every year if I had the money. Pella is a great brand. That's what we have on our front and back doors also. We just had a problem with one of them, and all it took was a call to them and they sent a new one out really fast, no questions asked!

  5. It all looks lovely Sandy. Now , have you finished all the work around the house?

  6. What a beautiful change...you must really enjoy pulling into your driveway & seeing the new look!

  7. Very, Very Pretty! And love that wallpaper in your foyer :)

  8. Love the new look it's great. I haven't been spending much time blogging lately been busy here with sewing lessons, work outs, meetings, keeping house I guess. Sometimes I get out of the mood too.

  9. I’m happy you love it, Sandy! I love the brass handle and knockers! It’s like they’re screaming extravagance. :D And the stained glass is absolutely beautiful. It’s all very impressive. From the looks of it, the door is also energy-efficient. I’m sure it can last twice as long as your previous door.

  10. Could you please take a closeup picture of the bottom of your front door sidelights? I have purchased the same model door and I believe mine was assembled wrong. Tim ... ps...my main email is bearboy53154@yahoo.com

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