Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tropical Delight Flower & Decor

First a Tropical Delight flower.

This was a challenge.

I had trouble on round 7 (dark sage leaves) and 8 (autumn red buds) but after frogging many times I figured out I crocheted the leaves wrong.  Once I got them right round 8 fell into place.

I have round 9 still to do (in dark sage).

This flower is just so beautiful.

And once you understand it it isn't difficult to crochet.

Of course I'm crocheting it in Christmas colors.

I also love it with blue yarn too.

This out of print pattern can be found (here) along with fantastic photo tutorial by Laurel Craft (here). 

My Ravelry project page with my details is (here).

Now onto the our decor

I'm having fun working our designer, Susan, on our window treatments.

She was assigned to us by our builder while we were having our home built.

She's been wonderful to work with and has become a dear friend.

Susan helped me with selecting our custom drapes and fabric shades for our bedroom windows.

This fabric shade is in our lower level bedroom.

This is an egress window that allows firefighters to get in and home owners out in case of a fire.

I had all the window treatments lined with black out fabric.

This is the fabric I chose for our Master Bedroom triple window.

And here is how it looks with the sheers.

A nice dark room in the morning.

I selected two sheer panels for our Great Room triple window.

I love the vine design on it.

And here is how the sheer panels look in the Great Room.  

We had motorized cellular shades installed on most of the windows in our home.

Boy are they nice.

We also put drapes and sheers in another bedroom.

Photos for that room will come later.

Now I have to think how I want the remaining windows done.

I'm thinking of maybe white fabric with a touch of red panels in the dinette/hearth room and white fabric with a touch of blue panels in the dining room.

Not sure what to put in Hubby's Den. 

My Hubby's brother, his wife and their son emptied out our last storage unit and moved all our boxes and stuff into our home last night. 

It was such a big help to us.

So, we still have some boxes to unpack…more knick knacks, vases and my collections.

But I can take my time.

There is no hurry. 

Thanks for visiting.

I will be taking a little break from blogging but I will be back.  


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July 2015

We 're having my brother and his wife over for supper today.   

I hurt my right hand (thumb) vacuuming - it's been a mess ever since I took a two day (five hours each) motorcycle course on my Vespa scooter way back in 2010.   

My Vespa had very thick handlebars.  

My hands just couldn't take the stretch that long.

  Now I'm trying to do stuff one handed.  

Luckily dinner's (country ribs) in the crock pot, table was set yesterday along with cutting up the watermelon and strawberries.    

So glad I planned ahead and kept it simple. 

I love that crocheted mail box.  

And, no, it's not ours.  

Neither is this lovely home. 

All photos above are from Pinterest.  

This is our front door.

Sorry for the crooked picture.

It was taken one handed.  

At least we got our Red, White and Blue banner hung.

                                    Wishing you all a safe and happy Independence Day.