Sunday, September 30, 2012

I See A Rainbow...

A Rainbow Scrap Afghan that is...

All finished !

Not crocheted perfectly but I love it anyways.

How did I know when I started this project last October that the colors would go... 


...with my new chairs?

I didn't...but they do !

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thank You !

Anchor Hocking (Montana) Glass Canisters with Red Metal airtight lid.

For being my friend !

Product in large size can be found (here)

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

UP !

This morning I hung up my Royal Albert saucers. 

I bought this set in Canada while on our Alaska RV trip in 2010. 

You can read all about the teacups (here). 

 I do love to hang stuff on my walls. 

 Hubby wishes I didn't... but me lets me anyways (thanks Sweetie!)

I used plate hangers in two sizes.

I like Bard's because they have little tiny plastic sheeves on their ends to protect the dishes.

Even though these saucers are small the 5 inch to 8 inch hangers worked better then the 3.5 to 5 inch ones.

Unfortunately, I had to use what I had on hand.

I traced around the plates (using paper towels) and with tape positioned them where I thought the saucers would look smashing.  

Then I marked through the paper on the wall where to put the hooks.  

I measured and eyeballed the placement.  

Now if Hubby hung them for me they would have been perfect because he measures everything!

I like them here.

This was an area without any decoration and the saucers bring color and interest to this corner of the room.

Ta daaa!

Slowly I'm getting closer to the end of my Rainbow Scrap Afghan. 

 One more color row after the white here and I'm caught up to where I was before having to frog.

I'm glad now I frogged it because my edges are completely even now.

(Source:  Pinterest)


Isn't this little one adorable!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Now? Lots Going On!

Now that I have some plate wall hangers maybe I can get around to hanging these Royal Albert teacup saucers.

I have the matching cups hanging from our ceiling light fixture in our dinette.

I'm loving the "back" of my Rainbow Scrap Afghan.

The "back" is folded over onto the "Front" in these two photos.

It's kind of a wavy rainbow stripe affect.

I'm in SHOCK !

Guess where we booked a tour for next April with our friends from college?

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to travel abroad to England, Wales and Scotland. 

This will be my first trip across the pond.  

 I'm so excited because I love English history and have always wanted to visit the United Kingdom.

So my dear UK blogging friends what's your weather like in mid April to early May? 

 We want to travel VERY light..but still be dressed appropriately.

Nothing fancy just comfortable clothing for travel.

Yesterday we ordered some neat travel clothing that comes with tons of pockets...zippered pockets and hidden pockets.  Gee, maybe I can leave my purse at home.  

We also ordered and received some underwear that is lightweight, fast drying - that you can wash out in the sink and let dry overnight.  

We're going to try out some travel clothes on our trip to Walt Disney World in November.  

Next year is going to be very busy for us with two Walt Disney World trips already reserved, now the UK tour abroad booked and we're also thinking of another travel van trip to Alaska during the summer.

I better get busy and prepare lunch for Hubby.

And then maybe I can do a little crocheting!


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Frogging Done...and Not Much Else!

I frogged back to my unravel spot. 

 I like the cute teeny, tiny balls of yarn frogging creates.

Two color rows are re-crocheted. 

Thirteen color rows to re-do.

I added two little Hershey chocolate mugs to this collection of four little coffee mugs. 

 Just what I need...more mugs! 

 LOL !

Hubby went to jury duty early this morning. 

I miss him! 

 Now that we are retired I love having him around 24/7. 

 I have to eat lunch by myself.

Pity party here!

Not much to crow about here this morning. 

 Just a relaxing day ahead...

 although I have projects I should work on...

 but they may be set aside again.

(Source:  Pinterest)

This cute kitty looks like me in my new recliner! 


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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh..No..Not Again !

Do you have this happen to you?

See that little, short navy blue thread !!!

There I was late last night crocheting away and as I finished the first green color rows (of my last section) I noticed something strange on the edge of my afghan many rows back.

A loose thread somehow came undone 13 color rows back! 

 There's no way to repair it without frogging.

I was a teeny tiny upset when I went to bed last night. 

 But this morning when I mentioned it to Hubby about how upset I was - wouldn't you know he made me feel better. 

 Because... as he reminded me... it's just crocheting - whether it's a new section or reworking an old section.

It's the love of crocheting and not just finishing a project.

Hubby has jury duty tomorrow - a good time for me to rip it out.

I know I will feel better once it is fixed.

It's a beautiful day here!

I love this time of the year.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dust Free at Teacup Lane

Hubby was busy yesterday earning huge "brownie" points. First he loaded the new iPhone operating system IOS6 on our iPhones and then he installed "Mountain Lion," the newest operating system for our Apple MacBook Pro laptops.

I think it is appropriate my new little bunny bookend holds up a book about birding, "The Best Year," and our famous vet stories, "The Best of James Herriot".

IOS6 greatly improves the low light camera feature on our iPhones. 

 Look at the brightness in this indoor nighttime photo! 

 No flash was used at all!

I'm moving stuff all around. If you look closely you can see a quilt stand holder I moved into the corner of our family room and hung two vintage and very colorful quilts on it.

I hate electrical cords and wall sockets showing and the quilt stand hides all of that ugly mess.

My Mom, while retired and living in Florida, gave this cute shell hen to my Mother-in-Law many, many years ago. 

 Now it sits in my home.

I can't resist changing out my crochet corner either.

Now I'm going to tell you about a fantastic cleaner. 

 And I'm not getting paid to do this - I just love this product.

This cleaner is sold at RV shows but you can easily order it on-line (here) or by calling (813) 643-6331 here in The States.

It's called "Touch of Purple" and it is specifically formulated to safely clean and polish all types of jewelry, glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. For you "green" freaks it is earth friendly and biodegradable and contains no abrasives, no ammonia and no acids.

This is just one reason I love this product...just spray and lightly buff dry your computer and TV screens and it repels dust for weeks due its anti-static property. 

 Works on those nasty, dusty ceiling fans too.

Check out their website (here). 

 I'm so happy not to have a 53 inch dusty TV screen in my family room anymore. 

 I could never keep it dust free before using "Touch of Purple".

Now it's bright and shiny and dust free!!

Oh, I almost forgot - here's where I hung my vintage blue and white plate.

Have a lovely weekend!

I just realized this is my 700th post!  

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fussing About

Yesterday we picked up our new solid brass Baldwin front door handle and lock fixtures. While there I bought a bunch of plate wall hangers.

I love this vintage windmill blue and white plate and have a special spot selected to hang it in our family room.

The little marble lamp here was my Mom's and I have a photo of it sitting on my childhood bedroom dresser back in the 1950s.

When I started my Rainbow Scrap Afghan last October I had no idea that it would one day match beautifully with our new chairs and decor in our family room.

It's not finished yet still working on the last two sections but I couldn't resist draping it on the arm of our new power recliner.

I think it has found its home.

I'm still fussing about and having fun rearranging furniture, lighting and all the decor stuff.  

I have more china plates to hang too.

Now I have to research the internet to find someone to re-upholster our old leather wingback chair and ottoman.  

It's a special chair because it belonged to my dear deceased brother.    

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LaZ Boy... and, ah, Lazy Days Are Here!

Two very nice young men delivered our new LaZ Boy chairs today.

They removed our old, and I mean OLD...

(over 26 years old!) 

...Sears five piece modular unit from our family room.

And replaced the unit with our new chairs.

First one up is...

...the new manual wing back chair (Jennings High Leg Recliner) in a beautiful floral red, light blue and green on a beige background fabric. 

 We ordered extra floral fabric so we can recover our navy blue leather Ethan Allen wing back chair and ottoman to match the new floral wingback chair.

This is my new Lancer Power Recliner - we bought two so Hubby and I each have one.

This is Hubby's. 

 The chair positions are almost unlimited for the feet, back, head and lumbar spine.

And so comfortable - it is heaven!

I love the extra room to walk around that we have now in our family room.

And this floral fabric really pops and, by the way, looks great with the new Country Curtains.

I couldn't get a good picture of the chair with the valances - the light from the window kept darkening the room.  

How do you like my new header? 

I just never could figure out how to do a blog header that would stretch all the way across my blog and not leave spaces on each side of the header photo.

That is until today!

I found a fantastic blog header tutorial on Pinterest that was so easy to do using a free photo editing program similar to the old cancelled Picnik called "".

Barb at Every Day Home blog has put together a wonderful tutorial...leading a dummy like me through the process step-by-step with great photos.  She also has a previous post (here) regarding blog headers too.

And I didn't have any issues with the placement and/or size of the header - it went into my blog without any problem.

If you would like to have a professional blog header I would encourage you to try this tutorial.  It was so easy... just like Barb said it would be...within 15 minutes I had a lovely new blog header.

Thank you so much Barb!

What a great chairs and a new blog header!

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