Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunshine Granny Squares

I worked up four more granny squares for the Sunshine throw project I posted about (here).  I know they aren't "sunny" but they are the colors of the sky.  I blocked one and have the rest to do.

I added another round of orange to my original four to make the squares six inches by six inches.  We had a run over to Michaels today so I could pick up some quilt T-pins for blocking (unfortunately they aren't stainless steel but I'll watch for any rust).  I bought some more plastic EASTER eggs and some cute chicks and ribbons to make a wreath.  

Remember my posting about our shed (here).  My brilliant idea for laying sticky back tiles in the shed fell through today.  The guy at Lowes said with the extremes of weather the shed goes through he didn't think sticky back tiles would stay down.  We looked at rubber garage tiles but that was expensive (almost $500) to do the shed and we didn't want to put that kind of money into any shed.  Two ways we can go is to paint the floor or buy another sheet of linoleum to tack down.   I'm thinking we will hit Home Depot to see what they have for linoleum - see if we can find some large pieces on sale.  If not, maybe bite the bullet and get one large piece.  So much for thinking I could finish this project by the weekend!  Does this happen to any of you? 
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  1. Oh Dear....The well laid plans of mice & men.....
    When doing large projects nothing ever goes as planned!! Good Luck!!

  2. All the time!

    Just when I think I've go and I-good-dea...
    whamo...the rug (sticky-tiles in you case) gets pulled out from under ya!

  3. I love the colours, you are so right, they are the colours of the sky, I have seen each and everyone in my sunsets.;)
    To bad about your tiles, but I hope you will have a lovely day.;)

  4. Hi Sandy,
    Your granny squares are very pretty, I like the colors. Have you thought about indoor/outdoor carpet? Can't wait to see what you do with it!