Monday, March 29, 2010

SomeBUNNY's Peeking at You!

My cute fuzzy Easter chicks sitting on their nest of green grass and nestled in a pretty, blue china Easter basket (passed down from hubby's parents).  

SomeBUNNY is peeking at you!
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  1. What lovely fluffy cute chickies!
    Thanks for the info regarding joining my grannies.Will look it up right now.

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. The chicks are so fluffy and darling! You'd asked about my paintings. The ducks came from Goodwill but I had them reframed; the dogs came from a store that sold art on the cheap; the big bunny came from an antique shop, and the little bunnies came from a doo-dad shop. I'm looking up at your posts, and your wreath is gorgeous!

  3. So cute, they look so real.;))
    What a lovely decoration in your home.;)
    Thank you for revealing the contents of your fridge, I very much enjoyed your comment.;)

  4. Soo Cute. Fluffy .I still just love the easter wreath with all the bright eggs. Wow that was a lot of eggs. Soo cool