Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The Blue French Chef Cookie Jar belonged to my maternal Grandmother.  I remember taking cookies from this cookie jar in the 1950s.  My Grandmother made the most mouth watering sugar and molasses cookies.  Big, soft cookies - just yummy.  

And, of course, these are special Morton Salt mugs from the company's 150th year anniversary - not too many changes to the girls over the years:  1921, 1914, 1968 and 1956.  You remember the saying "When it rains, it pours."   "It" meaning the salt.  

It's a lovely day here - 67 degrees F. out and sunny!  I wiped down the furniture on our screened-in porch and swept the porch out.  We have rain coming towards the end of the week.  It was so nice to be outside today.   Now back to watching the Academy Awards I DVR'd - one hour down and two to go. 
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  1. I love your french blue cookie man jar! He is so adorable. My Grandma had one in light brown (I wonder what happened to him). So let me tell you, I love, love your bunny's. How darn cute are they and such a fun project.
    I have enjoyed catching up with you day..
    Take care and hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Hi Sandy,
    What a cute cookie jar! I have the same set of cups my sister gave me years ago. Very fun!

  3. Love the cookie jar and the mugs