Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Vintage Ginger Doll...

This is, I believe, a Cosmopolitan Ginger doll, a small 8 inch doll from my childhood in the 1950s.  For some reason I never was good at thinking up names for my dolls so the other two dolls I had never had names.  So I must admit I wasn't very clever at naming her Ginger.  But Ginger is one of my favorite girl names (the other is Amber).  She is unmarked - her arms and legs are jointed and her small eyes are blue - it is cloudy here today so her eye color doesn't show up well.  You can read about Ginger dolls (here) and (here) - my Ginger is like the second one except for the color of her hair.  I played with this doll a lot and as you can see her socks are missing.  
This red dress was one of several beautifully hand sewn by my sweet maternal Grandmother.  She had eight children and 14 grandchildren.  She was widowed at age 62 and lived to be 88.  

I use to love to sit with my Grandmother, my Mom and all of my Aunts around the kitchen table and listen to them talk.   We always had fun with my Mom's family and did they all love to play games.  So many wonderful childhood memories.  I will have to post about my Miss Revlon doll and walking doll one of these days.   They are boxed away so I will have to get them out of storage.   

Do you have any of your childhood dolls?
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  1. Hi Sandy,
    What a sweet little doll you have there! She looks loved and well taken care of.