Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hippity, Hop, Hop!

Two pretty spring flowered teacups and saucers and three little china bunnies hippity hopping down the bunny trail.  

The teacups were my paternal grandmothers.  My Dad bought the three little bunnies to put in a Easter Lily plant he gave to my Mom on Easter years ago in the 1980s.  I happened to be visiting them in Florida over Easter and went with my Dad when he purchased the gift for my Mom.  It's a memory I cherish now that my parents have passed. 

Isn't the Easter bunny place mat cute?

  I like to put out place mats like this one at Easter too.  Usually I hang this one over our fireplace.

Lovely - isn't it?

 What a sweet pair of teacups!

The backs have a stamp of a crown:  
Bone China
Made in England

One of these days I will run out of teacups to show you!  But I don't think I will ever run out of my bunnies!

I'm hippity, hop, hopping, down the bunny trail from my home to yours!
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  1. Hi Sandy
    Just to let you know my Hoppity wasn't a stuffed yo but a real one. He never jumped out of the pram as I took him out.
    Have a lovely day with your lovely rabbits and happy memories
    Love Linda

  2. Beautiful cups indeed, very pretty, so delicate.;)
    You indeed do love those bunnies dear Sandy.;)
    In case I do not get a chance later on, let me wish you a wonderful Easter,

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Those bunnies just make me smile. I love bunnies! Your teacups are lovely, I especially like the blue one. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Lovely pair of tea cups!
    The yellow one is my favorite!

    You have a cute collection of bunnies too.

  5. Your teacups are so lovely, and such perfect colors for spring! Hope you have a happy Easter!

    xo Heather

  6. My dear Grandmother would always drink out of an English China tea cup. These are so pretty. It makes me wonder what happened to my Grandmothers collection.
    Beautiful post. I love bunnies too but the real ones.
    Hugs to you Sue x