Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crochet Open Work Hand Warmers

I don't know about you but my hands are cold quite a bit of the time.  I have even taken my hubby's old socks and cut off the tops to make into hand warmers.  I have been searching the internet to find free patterns for hand warmers.  I found this pattern which is crocheted with an openwork stitch pattern (like a granny square stitch) and has a scalloped finger edge.  They were easy to stitch up - I could make one in an evening.    I used 3 ply sport weight Red Heart 100% virgin acrylic yarn in pale rose and a F hook.   

Here's another view.

These are just perfect for mid-season weather.  

Aren't they cute?
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  1. Hi Sandy! Your new blogger header is beautiful! Your mosaic is inspirational. I didn't want to leave looking at it. To answer you question about the potholder, it is a vintage one that I picked up yesterday. They are easily found. You shouldn't pay more than $4-8 dollars for them. I hope you have a lovely weekend and Easter! Elizabeth

  2. Sandy, these turned out lovely. I enjoyed seeing your new granny squares and cute bunnies too!

  3. Those are great! Your stitches are so much neater and uniform than mine.Can you tell it ok to sew my squares together with cotton? I think it's going to be too bulky doing it with wool.

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Ah, I would need something like that for sure! I too freeze my hands, but I like to keep my fingers free.;) I love the colour.;)
    Have a lovely weekend Sandy,

  5. VERY cute and a granny-esque pattern too? Fabulous!

  6. love the name of your blogxx These handwarmers are so cute. wish l could crochet. Have tried!Ha you do not want to see the resultx I am an Art Therapist. artist and photographerxlynda

  7. Sandy!

    Ok... I live in Texas, but my house for some reason stays cool for many months out of the year. It sits off the ground and has good cross breezes. So even in the late Spring and Early Fall, my house begins to keep a chill about it.
    I would love to make these hand warmers- to keep my hands and wrist warm- I bet the help to keep the ache of arthritis at bay just a tad longer!

    I'll have to get the pattern and make a couple pair!
    Yours turned out lovely. The scalloped edge is a nice touch to so pretty and feminine.

  8. Hi Sandy,
    Those turned out so nice! They are cute and practical at the same time, isn't it great when that happens!