Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mrs. Twins SIBOL Cause

This is my second post today but I just had to tell you the news. 

 I mailed off my eight granny squares (shown above) to Sue (Mrs. Twins) for her charity project Sunshine International Blankets of Love (SIBOL) for the elderly last Friday and the squares arrived at her home today.  It was the first package we ever mailed over seas.  Sue very graciously posted about all the packages she received today on her blog and also posted photos on Flickr.  

I'm so glad she liked my squares.  As a beginner crocheter I may think  they are great when actually they may not be to a more experienced crocheter.  Sue is so talented at joining the donated squares into beautiful throws and crocheting the most lovely edges too.  If you are a crocheter take a look at Sue's blog.   

You will be so impressed and perhaps eager to make some granny squares to donate to worthy cause too.  

Come join the group!

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  1. Beautiful work, Sandy. It's amazing how Sue is managing to put together these wonderful blankets with the different levels of crochet squares being supplied to her. And she does a beautiful job with them.
    There is definitely some wonderful squares for the Sunniest SIBOL blanket in yours. Makes us feel close when we see the squares next to our blog-friends

  2. OOh I have just stopped by not much time lately I'm afraid with all this posting.
    But I have just read your post and I am really touched by the kind words by you and Maria have said.
    I do hope others after reading your post will want to join us Sandy and everyone is most welcome.
    Everyone loves your Squares, I really really dont know what you were worrying about as I have said many times.
    Its been such a pleasure to me to do this project I have been quite overwhelmed this week by the amount of squares I have received. Coming from all corners of the world and its just such fun. I think actually it's giving Ladies an opportunity to try new things out too.
    I just can't thank you enough for your kindness. The Squares arrived really, really quickly and I'm pleased they arrived in one piece. I always worry for people after they have spent the time making them. I don't want any to get lost in the post.
    Thanking you again, your work was just lovely honestly and I am truly grateful.
    Thank you.
    Hugs andLove across the miles Suex