Monday, March 15, 2010


More Shamrocks for my interior front door.  I bought this decoration at Michaels.   I like the pretty green ribbons.

Something to brighten another dark, overcast day here.  
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  1. Love Shamrocks.....This last week the grocery store had pots of Shamrock Plant. I didn't get one as I have 3 cats who think the are cows & need to graze!! LOL!!
    Have a Wonderful Week!

  2. By the look of all this green St Patrick's day must be big in the USA. I love all your decorations and green is my favourite colour. Are you having a celebration ? Do you have Irish heritage?
    My family has Irish heritage from both parents- and way back some convict ancestors too! But my husband's heritage is English. We don't make that much of a fuss about St Paddy's day here though the bars serve green beer!

  3. happy st. patrick's day, love all your decor!

  4. Hi Sandy,
    Your shamrocks are very festive. Can't believe it's almost St. Patrick's Day!

  5. Hi, Sandy, to answer your question about BlogHer, it's an ad network for women. I have their badge on my sidebar & it's a way to run advertising, only they do all the work for me & I get paid for the advertising that runs on my blog. BlogHer also has a HUGE blogging conference every year, the biggest of any of them, I think. It's a huge ad network of about 2500 bloggers who participate. You do have to apply for it & I think they are closed to new bloggers at the moment, but I had to wait in line too, 2 years ago when I got in with them.

  6. Ooooh, I like that! I think I'll have to check out Michael's later this week and get one to put away for next year. My house is 'wearin' green' now, but by the weekend I'll be putting St. Pat's away to make room for Easter. Bring on the bunnies!