Sunday, March 7, 2010

IKEA Laptop Table

I love my Apple MAC Laptop.  

It was great to use on my kitchen counter top if we were looking something up quickly but it was tiring if we spent any amount of time there.  It also worked well at the kitchen table if I was surfing or blogging until it was time to set the table for meals.   

Clearly I needed a table just for my laptop.  We looked at desks but they would have stuck out too far into the dinette area.  So, we journeyed to IKEA the other day to see what they had.  

This is our kitchen corner BEFORE photo:

Now the AFTER photos:

We had a small dresser in the corner.  After moving it out we had this blank space:

 Hubby started to install the new IKEA laptop table.

After bolting the support bracket to the wall hubby inserted the felt drawer.

And then put the top on.  This is the top in the closed position.

And this is the top in the open position with the black felt drawer showing.

  The pulled out position gives room for the computer top to open up.

And this is my computer laptop table all hooked up.

 The drawer holds light weight items:  a pencil, memo pad, camera thumb, portable backup hard drive and IntelliScanner (handheld unit that reads barcodes for inventory gathering).  

I have lots of natural light from the Pella French doors and I can watch TV too.  Now my dining table and kitchen counter are not cluttered with my laptop.  This laptop table doesn't intrude into the dinette area at all.   

I love it! 
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  1. Hi Sandy, Congratulations on your 100th post! I truly enjoyed looking at your pitcher collection. Your crocheted Easter bunnies are right up my alley-the cute alley that is. I can see you are going to enjoy many hours in front of your new computer - have fun! Elizabeth

  2. I love IKEA...Such great things for organizing your world!!!

    Love the desk...How great is that!

    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Great solution to the laptop problem. Neat

  4. I really like the IKEA stuff unfortunately they do not ship to Alaska darn it. I found this out after getting a big catalog from them. This works so well for your laptop now.