Friday, March 5, 2010

Pink and Blue

Aren't these cute?  

They belonged to my dear Mother who passed away in 1991 at a much too young 66.   
I have quite a nice collection of vintage aprons from both my Mom and my MIL.  

Sweet pink and I love this sort-of heart-shaped pocket trimmed in dark pink rick-rack.

And isn't this daisy fabric with the blue stripe just yummy!  

It makes me think of sweet Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage.  

Hope you enjoyed seeing these vintage aprons.  I have lots more to share with you.  
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  1. I love aprons, especially vintage aprons! These are adorable. Yes, the daisy one is just yummy! That is one I would love to have in my collection.

    ~ Tracy

  2. They arr all very pretty, Sandy! I also love all your crochet projects in your prior posts. The yarns are so colorful!

  3. Hi Sandy....I LOVE YOUR precious aprons....I'm so glad you have them.

    I just read your comment that you sent an e-mail...
    I am having trouble recieving e-mails and I need to get to the bottom of it...but for now ...Feel free to leave a message, in the comments on my blog, and I'll deleate it after I read it instead of publishing it...that should work...

    Sorry about that, People are having a heck of a time e-mailing me...just not getting through, very frustrating!

    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings..

  4. Oh My Goodness Sandy....I'm glad you like the pin idea but sweetie we have FIVE grandaughters!!!!
    You'll be making little bunny pins til the cows come home!

    We have been blessed with five of each...ten total! we definately have no shortage of Grands!

    Love each and everyone beyond words...

    I used a crocheted doilie I had as a pocket in a purse I'm making and thought of you as I was puting it in...
    You would have made yours...I bought mine.

  5. O how i wish my mother and grandmother would've saved their apron's I just love yours. I remember the days when my mother and grandmother always wore their aprons, i love aprons.