Monday, March 1, 2010

Animal Kingdom Again

We returned to Animal Kingdom on day six of our recent trip to Walt Disney World to see two more attractions we missed the first time.  Here's some photos from the Flights of Wonder Bird Show.

Bird taking off to fly over audience...

Believe it or not this bird flew right over our heads - we could feel the air moving from its wings.  The trainer said not to bother ducking as the bird would still fly right over our heads whether we ducked or not.

The majestic Eagle - our national bird!

Some photos from the Festival of the Lion King show - this live show was held under a huge tent with the stage in the middle of the audience.  These were the "monkeys" playing in the "trees".

 This girl bird was amazing...

See the girl bird up in the air for the finale....

Walking out of Camp Minnie & Mickey after the show we noticed Pluto, Mickey Mouse and Goofy taking it easy fishing...

Poor Donald Duck catches a we are heading back to Ft. Wilderness for the night.  

Stay tune as I wrap up our trip.
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  1. Keep it coming. It's the closest I will ever get to WDW.