Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy about BUNNIES!

Can you tell I'm crazy about BUNNIES!  

From my Bunny throw on the back of our sofa, to the Bunny Doll and finally to the Bunny Mommy with her two bunny babies..I'm someBUNNY nut!

Do you like to decorate for EASTER too!  

Any other BUNNY nuts out there like me?
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  1. For some reason this year I have become Bunny-lovin'!! I don't know why??? I bought 2 this year of the stuffed persuaison!! They were so soft & they are on my bed........
    Love your post!!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  2. I love bunnies.;) I think they are so cute - just like the one on your picture.;)
    You will simply love my post tomorrow then.;) It is about Easter Bunnies.;)
    Have a lovely day dear Sandy,

  3. Hi Twin!!
    I had a rabbit when I was little called Floppity and I used to take it out in my dolls pram-- Did You?
    Kindest Regards Linda

  4. I have a few that I have had for a long time, some I received after my grandmother passed away and some I recently acquired. One of the ones from my grandmother is very similar to the one in the top left of your picture. Guess that makes me a bunny nut also! ;)

    ~ Tracy