Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look What I Did Yesterday!

I didn't post yesterday because I was busy reorganizing my craft area and making my first EASTER egg wreath out of colorful spring colors.  I used a very old straw wreath I had by taking off the old decorations.  I didn't wrap the wreath I just started hot gluing the plastic eggs directly onto the straw wreath working from the center out and then adding to the top all around.  I left an open space at the bottom to tie the two bows I made out of Easter ribbons purchased at Michaels.  I used light green Easter grass I had on hand to fill in the cracks between the eggs.  I used the end of a pencil to lightly force the grass in with just a touch of hot glue on the end of the folded grass.  I found these cute small yellow and pink fur chicks at Michaels and hot glued their feet to the wreath.  And the final touch was an adorable yellow furry larger chick I found at Michaels (first saw at Tina's Cherry Hill Cottage blog) that I also hot glued to the front of the bow.  Even my hubby thought it turned out well.  The whole process took a little over two hours to complete.

Now to decorate the interior of my home for Easter.  For anyone who wishes to try this project there are several tutorials on the internet just google Easter egg wreath.   

If I can do it - you can too! 
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  1. Oh Sandy this is stunning!!! I love it, what a great idea. I haven't seen anything like this in the UK, the most decorating I do for easter is the decorated twig/tree thingy!! It must have been a very satisfying project to complete and such an excellent conclusion well done to you! **Kim**x

  2. Ah, this is absolutely gorgeous! How talented are you? I love this Easter decoration, I am decorating my house this weekend.;)
    Have a lovely day,

  3. Wow sandy ...that is darling
    So bright and cheery...
    Certainly says Easter!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Ohhh Soooo Cute!!!!! So bright and cheery!!!!It looks really good on your door.How many eggs did you use???? Looks like a lot. LOOOVE IT.I am soo into bright colors right now.
    Have a great day

  5. Hi Sandy,
    I think this is the cutest wreath I have ever seen. You did an excellent job!

  6. Great job on the Easter wreath Sandy! It is so cute and colorful. Love the fluffy chicks.

    ~ Tracy

  7. Once again, just too cute. Love the bright colors.

    Looks like this would be a fun project.

    Kate - The Garden Bell xoxoxoxo

  8. You did a great job-it looks so bright and cheery!