Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Colorful Quilt


I quilted this colorful quilt about two years ago.

I can’t remember the name of the pattern.

I’ll have to look it up when I’m in my hobby room.

It was a kit I bought at a quilt shop.

I like the white background and fabrics.

I’m using it as a tablecloth on my dining room table.

I don’t have the wall space to hang quilts.

This one just fits the table.

  The table was my parents bought in 1961 and is solid maple.

It’s scratched from many moves from Ohio to Florida, then to Illinois and Pennsylvania and finally back to Ohio.

Many family dinners were around this table over the years.

So many memories.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Camper Wall Hanging

Before our warm Fall days leave us I wanted to show you this cute little project.

It was a kit I purchased.

I love the fabrics I chose.

As many of my long term readers know,  my hubby and I were campers when we first married and then advanced to RVing.

We owned many different RVs over the years:

Pop up Camper truck, Sunline trailer, Chinook (a Class B van), Hitchhiker Discover America 5th wheel travel trailer and lastly a Pleasure Way (Class B van).

We traveled to Alaska in 2010 in our 5th wheel which is like having an apartment to live in.

We were on the road 105 days for that trip.

I liked all of our RVs but my favorite was the Pleasure Way van.

At just 21 feet it could park just about anywhere and it’s small size helped when looking at campgrounds sites.  It was so easy to keep clean and we learned to take just the essentials.

My hubby designed our new garage to hold the van with huge 10 foot garage doors and an extra long bay so we wouldn’t have to store it off site.

We never had a chance to take the van on a trip after we moved into our new home.

I reluctantly had to sell it.

Oh, how, my hubby loved to travel all over our great country.

And I loved being with him.  


Mr Spider

Back in 2016 my neighbor and good friend, Deb, asked if I could sew a new yard spider for her.

She gave me the old spider to use as a pattern and I proceeded to order black nylon fabric.

The project sat until my college room mate came to visit and made the mistake of asking what project we would be working on.

I said “a spider”!

My friend, Karen, taught me to sew all those years ago in college.  She made the pattern pieces from the old spider and I sewed it all together.  We had fun putting it together.  It took us three days to finish.

Deb and her hubby were thrilled with it.  But I did tell her no more spiders.

Every Halloween Deb and her hubby put huge yard spiders out.

Mr. Spider is just one of many.  And he isn’t the largest one either!

Mr. Spider gets moved all around the neighborhood.  

You never know whose yard he will end up in.

I just saw this morning that my town is having Trick n’ Treat this year.

Guess I better buy some candy.