Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Dundee Thistle" Teacup and Saucer

Imagine yourself sitting down with a delicious hot cup of tea - served in this beautiful "Dundee Thistle" teacup and saucer - with a good Fairy Tale story by Charles Perrault to read on a rainy day.  In fact when I'm done publishing this post that's just what I'm going to do - because it is a dark, rainy day here.  This lovely teacup originally belonged by my MIL's sister.  

Here's the same photo without the special effects...

"Dundee Thistle"
Queen Anne
Bone China

Won't you join me for a nice cup of tea?

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  1. I'd love to drop over for a cuppa, Sandy. It's such a sociable thing to do isn't it? So civilised and I'm a tea lover. Can't start the morning without my BIG cup of tea.
    I'm happy to drink coffee during the day - in fact I love coffee for a morning tea(?) pick me up but tea is my morning starter. It used to be that tea was the preferred drink of Australians but these days I think a lot of people drink coffee. We seem to follow America's lead in most things nowadays!
    After our hot day yesterday we had a big thunder storm at 2 am. Woke us all up with the noise but not much rain . We had to let the dogs inside (they're outside dogs as most are in our climate) because they are very frightened in storms so with all that broken sleep we slept in this morning. Lucky we are retired !!
    Have a good day

  2. ooo how i would love to have my green tea served in this cup!!!!!

  3. Beautiful cup. Your photos are turning out just great, love the special effects. Everything looks really nice!

  4. Hi Sandy, seems my feeds came through back to front. You answered my question about the book in your first post, but I received it second.
    I do love a good cup of tea, especially real tea leaves in a tea pot and the leaves are good for the garden too - added benefit