Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Royal Albert Teacup Chandelier

Presenting My Royal Albert Teacup Chandelier!

Hubby bought this new black iron colonial chandelier for my birthday last year.   I love the cottage look of hanging teacups from a chandelier but since this chandelier doesn't have open hook arms I just couldn't decide how to hang the teacups.  I was afraid ribbons would come undone.  And then it came to me...using plastic tie tags!   I think it needs some ribbons too to hide the plastic ties.   I could go crazy changing ribbons to fit the season and/or holiday.

Gosh...I've never seen blue flowers ringing the inside of a teacup like this.   It is so pretty.

Royal Albert is celebrating 100 years of English craftsmanship and these five cups represent a pattern manufactured from each of the first five decades of the 20th Century.

Pretty Roses!!!

1900's - Regency Blue

1910's - Duchess

1920s - Spring Meadow

1930's - Polka Rose

1940's - English Chintz

The decade I was born!

Look at the stunning saucers!

I found this set of teacups at the Edmonton Mall up in Alberta, Canada in a Royal Albert store on our way to Alaska this Spring.  They had other sets from other decades it was a hard decision which set to pick.  Of course, I managed to find a safe place in our RV to store it all through the Alaska Highway and into and around Alaska and back home.  I'm so glad it made its way home without breaking.   

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  1. They are so pretty. They truly are.

  2. That is really neat! I have a gorgeous collection too, that my FIL gave us. I collect them:)

  3. The teacups are so pretty. I especially love the Polka Rose one. Royal Albert really makes such great teacups. It's nice that you figured out a way to display them so you can enjoy them every day.

  4. My favourite is the English Chintz one but they are all beautiful. No wonder your blog is called Teacup Lane. You have some beautiful china in your collection.

  5. ahhh.. can we be neighbours!? tee hee we like the same thing Royal Albert teacups! I love your 100th series teacups.. I do have the Polka Rose trios and again, these Royal Albert teacups never bored us right! teehee thanks for sharing. have a great weekend!

  6. From the home town of "Royal Albert" I love the way you displayed these...

  7. I love your Royal Albert Teacups!!

  8. Wonderful!!! We used to go to a tea shop in Washington state that had teacup chandelier light fixtures hanging above all the tables! I LOVED that place. But then they closed. :-(

  9. OMgosh, I was in Alberta Canada too but I didn't see those. I would have boughten them too. So stunning!


  10. Brilliant...I love the way you styled that chandelier dahling! Love the polka rose...sooo cute! Stopping by from Tea Tuesday. Oh and I'm having a gift raffle, hope you could join.

  11. What fun! I love polka dots and fell immediately for the polka rose. Have a wonderful Tea Day!

  12. Wow I absolutely LOVE the Polka Rose and am totally jealous! What a great collection of tea cups displayed so well too!

  13. Sooo cute, I'm with you I would put some bows maybe mixed with a small flower like babies breath, use yellow or a shade of green and you would not have to change it as often.
    Great cups,you can't go wrong with Royal Albert.

  14. What a great idea Sandy! I think my favorite would be the green polka dot pattern!

    I think I need to stop at the store for some zip-ties! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Werna Gail - That's a great idea to use yellow or green ribbons.

    Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments!

  16. Just look at all your gorgeous tea cups! What a wonderful creative way to show them off. Great job!

  17. Hi: I did the same thing over my table. I change the cups for every season and the ribbons. You are right it takes a lot of time. But I love how it looks. Yours are beautiful. Thank you for joining us. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  18. The Polka Rose is my favorite but they are all so pretty and what a creative way to display them. You are going to be one busy lady with the ribbons!