Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Time WIP

I gave my first ripple crocheted throw, Cotton Candy, to my niece for her birthday this month.  I liked it so much that I decided to make another one for myself using the colors I had on hand in a different order.  

I'm naming this one ~ Spring Time ~ because it makes me think of blooming flowers in all colors of the rainbow.

Spring Time Throw

Gee, what type of border/edging should I add?

Now I have to sew the ends in and crochet a nice border/edging.  At least there aren't as many ends as a granny square throw...LOL!

It rained all day here today.  Dark & dreary out.  

But Spring Time brings sunshine and happiness into my world!

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  1. Sandy this is lovely no wonder you wanted one too.

  2. Beautiful Sandy!!!!! It does look like flowers and rainbows.

  3. You crocheted another one already?? Wow, that was fast! Love it.

  4. You know how I feel about borders. I just ran into the same problem myself. No border book here in Flordia to help you out. I ended up doing a sl st, sl st, 3dc, sl st, sl st. It was nice and simple. great name, great colors and great pattern


  5. It's a beauty! I just finished mine and love this pattern.
    All the colours makes me happy!

    Have a nice sunday, gr Esther

  6. You have to make the sweater and booties. They are just to cute for a baby set all together. I'm working on a little hat too, as I have the yarn left and don't want to have to take it home. They really came together quite quickly. I'm linking to the pattern for the Rainbow Baby Blanket Set on Rav. If I remember correct, I think it only took this weeks American Idol to finish.....he-hee.
    But, check with Pammy Sue at Scott's place, she may be able to send you a pdf, without the crochet police knowing please...

    No sun for me today. Aloe-ing up still. So I'm going to keep going and finding little Rav project to use up every little strand of this yarn. What a spoiled little FL gal this will be.

  7. That turned out very nice Sandy! I'm sure you'll come up with just the right edging for it.