Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Time Is Here!

Rivers of Color!

I finished Spring Time - my third ripple throw!

I used a different color combination then I did for Cotton Candy...and didn't have to buy any new yarn just used what I had on hand. 

I first blogged about Spring Time (here). 

Wavy Stripes!

SpringTime's edging

Winging the edging again!

Spring Time - all laid out...measuring 50 inches by 47 and 1/2 inches.

Here's Spring Time!

I did buy some new yarn last week in brown, aqua and a lovely variation of the two colors...will probably become another ripple one of these days.  I have some of my baby yarn left over in lemon and lilac I hope to try to do a little baby top and booties.   So many choices...I wish I had several hands to work on them all at once.  But I find it is better to start a project and finish it before I start another one.   

It's another dark and dreary day here...more rain coming this week...Thursday is the only dry day for the next five days.   We hope to take a day trip on Thursday maybe to the Jersey shore.

I think today I may start to re-watch "Downton Abbey".  I was so disappointed when it aired here in The States recently on Masterpiece PBS to discover that "the powers to be" decided to cut out parts that they didn't think Americans would be interested in so we had a shortened version of the original.  It made me so mad I ordered the original UK edition from Amazon so I can see all of the episodes.


Has anyone else caught the NEW "Upstairs Downstairs" airing on Masterpiece?  I just watched the whole 1970s series on DVD this spring.  Jean March is back as "Rose" albeit older (as we all are!) and now the Housekeeper at 165 Eaton Place.  Just one more episode to see Sunday.  I wish they made more.

Have a lovely day and thanks so much for stopping in to visit with me!

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  1. Nice job on the blanket. It is a dreary day where I live too! I was going to do an exploration and take some photos which hopefully would be "blogworthy" but not today it seems! xo,

  2. Just recently I watched Downton Abbey on Netflix and it was the Masterpiece theatre version. No I haven't seen the new Ustairs Downstairs yet but will on Netflix.

  3. Your blanket is beautiful. We watched Downton Abbey, but didn't know they'd cut out part of it. We did feel like the ending was crammed together, so maybe that's what they did...try to condense the episodes. I only caught one of the episodes of Upstairs Downstairs and think I've missed too much, will have to start fresh on DVD. Have a great day! :-)

  4. I absolutely love LoVe LOVE your crocheted afghan!! Wait...They shortened "Downton Abbey" for Americans? What??? Who are the people that make these decisions for us? Can we fire them all?

  5. Another lovely afghan, Sandy. Don't you just love it? Ripples are so addictive. Yours turned out so pretty. And you are so disciplined to finished one project before starting another. I'm afraid I'm terrible about that.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I'm working a colorful crochet afghan, too, made up of squares but am anxious to make a ripple one next!

  7. Showing my age here - I remember watching Upstairs Downstairs when it first aired here in the UK, must have been the 1970's. Nice blanket BTW.