Wednesday, April 13, 2011

REDnesday - Cottage Doors

Images Courtesy of Flickr

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1. Cobblers Cottage, 2. Oriel Cottage red door, 3. Red Door, 4. Red door of the White House, 5. cottage yellow with red door, 6. RED COTTAGE, 7. Red door, 8. Red Door, 9. Irish Cottage

I love RED cottage doors!

I found these images in Flickr from around the world.

I like the ones with the door frames trimmed in black...that really makes the RED pop.

Whenever we get around to replacing our front door I'm considering a shade of RED.

How about you?

Do you like RED doors?

And there are more REDs to enjoy with our host, Sue, at 

It's A Very Cherry World

for REDnesday!

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  1. I wonder if we could do red doors here?

  2. Those are pretty red doors...happy Rednesday... mine is up...

  3. What lovely doors. Red is certainly the most welcoming and cheery color! (My favorite door color has always been green, so between us, we would have a very Christmasy village.)

  4. Can't go wrong with a red a few around my own home,lol. I would love to have these pics that you have and get them blown up and framed and hung on my walls.

  5. I love read doors! I have a red bathroom door.

  6. I wouldn't mind walking through the "Red Door" at Elizabeth Arden :-) xo,

  7. I love all of these doors, but especially #3! How cute is that? I had my front and back door painted red for a couple of years, but about two years ago I painted them white again. Kinda missing the red doors now!
    Happy REDnesday,

  8. How can you NOT love a red door? Here in New England it's a tradition (although I have blue doors!). I've always love the Irish cottages with red doors, so looked up the history:

    "In Irish folklore, it is thought that painting ones door in red also keeps away bad luck and evil spirits? There are also many other spiritual references to indicate safety will lie behind this painted door . . . that a type of shelter will be provided, of which one will be welcomed to share."