Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Granny Rose Pillow Cover

I single crocheted the two sides together and added the picot edging last night...

Both sides are granny roses - same colors - just different color placement...

Looked through my vintage button pail...

Narrowed down my vintage button selection...

Sewed on my three buttons...

Inserted my travel pillow form...

And Granny Rose pillow is finished. 

 It's the cutest.pillow.cover.EVER! 

 I'm so pleased with it. 

 This has been a joy to crochet and that's not always true for some projects.

I couldn't wait...

You know I love RED and Christmas...

I had to make some samples for my Christmas Granny Rose throw.

I may alternate the red roses with light celery colored the same shade as the joining yarn in my pillow cover. 

Lap size would be nice...

Maybe 36 rose squares with edging?  

 So now you know what I'm working on as my next project.

Red, green and white yarn will be packed with us on our travel van road trip next week.  

By the time I come back I will be able to crochet these roses in my sleep I bet!!!

Have a most wonderful weekend!

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  1. Beautiful! The colors are what make it so pretty. This will be another project on my 'to-do' list.

  2. I love your pillow! It turned out great. I especially like the color you chose to edge it and crochet it together with. No, not Christmas all ready!! Ahhh! I always love seeing your Christmas crochet though!

  3. This pillow is sooo sweet! Love it! Even pinned it ;-)

  4. I love these roses. Pillow is adorable. The Christmas throw is going to be great,too. xo

  5. Sandy! I love this granny flower pillow! so sweet. and the buttons you chose compliment it nicely!

  6. Your pillow cover is so pretty! It will look fabulous in Christmas colors.

  7. Beautiful. I am learning to crochet.

  8. Your pillow has turned out beautifully I love the colours you have chosen and the christmas colours are great. It looks like you are hooked on these roses just like I am I can't stop making them either lol x

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