Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Granny Rose Crochet A-Long

Better late than never...I'm joining Astri's (Apple Blossom Dreams) Granny Rose Crochet A-Long (C.A.L.).

My first one turned out flat as a pancake even though my petal counts were correct. LOL!

So I decided I better watch Astri's excellent video...and, of course, I discovered my mistake. 

Astri has a lovely voice!  

After that these roses were so easy to crochet.  

I like that there is a little definition to the flower but not so thick and high it would be uncomfortable resting against as a pillow cover and/or throw.

This project will be a pillow cover but my mind is whirling thinking how pretty a Granny Rose Christmas throw would be....

Hop on over to Astri's blog (here) to see her patterns, videos and beautiful Granny Rose cushion.

She also has a cute post explaining how she developed the vintage Granny Rose pattern.   

Come join the Granny Rose C.A.L. with us!

What a pretty Spring we've having at Teacup's a close up of our Dogwood Tree flowers.

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  1. I love your new blog design, Sandy, very patriotic. My bird Pearl is whistling "Jingle Bells" as I am typing. I can't! These crochet flowers are cute. I remember making pot holders years ago with a rose on them. Have to check out these tutorials. xo

  2. Oh my, Sandy!!! They are beautiful. You made me LOL with your flat one - although it is pretty in its own right!

    I will link you up with my post about the CAL Homies. :-)

  3. You can't have enough roses on anything, I like sewing them everywhere, on hats, blouses, cushions, on fridge magnets, etc. I bought my mom a little Tracfone LG500G with a qwerty keyboard for Mom's day because her last one drowned in the wishy washy. Thank goodness it only cost her $20 and $7/month for service. I think she would love a little cell phone holder crocheted or a little quilted pouch for it. I'll look on the etsy shop to see if I can find one. I adore your little bunny porcelain. Ever since I've been reading craft blogs I realize you are never too old to have bunny decor.

  4. Eventually I have to join this too but have to get a bit more done on the current projects.

  5. örgü çiçekler harika elinize sağlık sevgiler.

  6. Oh I love these roses Sandy so clever. They would be super pretty on all kinds of things.

  7. Beautiful roses.....I've enjoyed making these's a super CAL.
    Carole :-)