Thursday, November 1, 2012

Check Off Christmas Sugar Cookies!

Our Christmas Sugar Cookies are all frosted and in the freezer - all 163. 

Well, that is minus the four we ate.

Hubby was a real sweetheart and helped me frost them. 

 It took about three and one half hours to frost all the cookies.  

And about an hour to make the two bowls of frosting and set up the frosting station.

We finished in time for me to fix supper before the Halloween Trick or Treaters came.

So glad that chore is done. 

 We are still working on our Christmas cards but hope to have that almost finished soon. 

 My goal is to have them all ready to be mailed ~ except for updating & inserting our annual Christmas letter ~ when we return from Walt Disney World in December.

We're not doing too badly on our Christmas gifts either.

Who knows maybe we'll start a new tradition of preparing early for Christmas.


Hope you all had a great Halloween

 It was a little colder than usual here but no rain and no wind. 

 We had fun handing out the treats to the kids.

This kid came as a big screen HD TV!

I got a kick out of these two kids!  

Laugh for the day: 

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  1. You are right on track with the Christmas prep, Sandy. The cookies look awesome. I actually got trick or treaters too, a lot less than usual but gave out almost all the candy. Love the deer in the pumpkin. xo

  2. Holy Cow, you're on the ball. I envy you. Guess I should get motivated and start early too. Hmmmmmm

  3. Yum-yum-yum...your cookies look so good and pretty too, as always! Wish I had a couple of them right now with my milk left over from dinner. Way to go getting them done so early. I know that's a load off of you.