Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Visions of Halloween I like from Pinterest...

I like this smiling Jack o' Lantern.

You must have Candy Corn at Halloween!

How about making your own Candy Corn?

These are cute Pumpkin treats...believe it or not I've never made rice krispies treats but I love them!

So don't forget to...

Because Mickey says...Yikes!

Here's some old fashioned Halloween to enjoy!

"Incredibles" Jack o' Lanterns....hee, hee!

And don't forget to Trick or Treat!

Because it's Halloween !

And when it's all done you can relax!

Happy Halloween to all my friends!
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  1. Sandy,
    What a cute Halloween post. Nel just did one also. Oh, I love rice krispie treats! I've made them for the kids for many years. And Halloween isn't the same without the candy corn pumpkins. The last photo was soooo cute. Happy Halloween!!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Hi Sandy, cleanup is underway, I am still happy to have power, phones are better but cell service is iffy. I don't feel like blogging, but picking and choosing which ones I want to visit. Not into Hslloween at all. Still kind of shell shock. Glad all is OK in your neck of the woods. xo