Saturday, November 10, 2012

Disney Here We Come!

Our travel van is all packed for Walt Disney World except for our laptop computers and a few little items which we will load last thing in the morning. 

 So we shouldn't have any problem getting away early tomorrow morning.

I love our travel van trips because we can truly relax and just be together enjoying each others company.  

Well, I can relax while Hubby drives.  

He likes to drive and I don't.  

Poor Hubby has to listen to me talk yack at him while he is driving - but only until I fall asleep or start reading, blogging or crocheting.   

Us going down the road - sort of like Lady & The Tramp!

Still in love 38 years later.  

We can just think happy things...

and drive fly to Disney Never Land!

That's us!


Not sure when I'll be able to update my blog header - if the WiFi connection isn't too bad while on our trip maybe I can get something together for a Christmas blog header.  

Meanwhile the fall theme will remain.  
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  1. Have a wonderful time, safe travels. Wish I was a stowaway, but that would ruin the romance for you two! ;-) xoxo

  2. Off again you two gad-abouts ! Lucky things, I know you're going to have a great time. Drive carefully now.

  3. Have a safe trip you two...and have FUN!! Y'all are so sweet together!