Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Wine Glass Candle Light

I saw this idea for a Christmas Wine Glass Candle Light on Pinterest and just loved it.

And I had to try it.

Now it's nighttime when I took most of these photos and you know the problem with low light so these aren't the best photos.  

You know I like to use stuff I already have from around my house.

I found a large wine glass and filled it with some Epsom Salts and a battery flickering multi-colored candle light.

I used my Santa Christmas Shade - it's in shades of red and green with an old fashioned Santa printed on the fabric.

And has the prettiest button rosettes around the top of the shade.

Here it is with the green light shining through.

And another photo in day time in the family room and the candle light off.

So now you can see those pretty button rosettes around the top of the shade.


We are leaving in two days for Florida and Walt Disney World for a few weeks!

We love our travel van trips.

I'll try to post a few times while we are relaxing and having fun visiting all the Disney parks.

Can I have one of these?

Pretty Please...!!!!!

Hubby brought the van up to the house this morning so we can check it over for supplies and start loading it.  

Clothing and bedding is already there but I always like to re-check the shoes (got to have all my pairs of shoes - while Hubby has two!) and coats.  

We picked out some DVDs, books and magazines for the trip yesterday.

My crochet stuff is gathered last.   

We hope to have everything packed Saturday evening so we can get up, grab a quick breakfast and walk out the door very early Sunday morning.

It will drive me crazy while on vacation to see all the Christmas decorated blogs.

Maybe I can decorate our travel van a little.   

We are limited on storage space so we can't take too much.   

I think I will take my Candy Cane throw with us and maybe even a second Christmas throw.  


Laugh for the day:  

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  1. I remember seeing the pack up photos once and I saw huge boxes of colorful candy! Will you be taking those? I love that lamp idea. I wonder how that shade was made? I never knew anyone so taken with Disney World you guys really do love it. Have fun!

    1. Hi Nan,
      Oh, yes, our colorful candy is packed. Hubby likes his snacks to nibble on while driving. We both like to mix up M&Ms candies - three kinds all together. I wish I didn't like it as much as I do but with coffee it is heaven. The lamp shade from Pinterest is made out of paper - the tutorial is on Pinterest. You can find it under my group DIY & Crafts or just search for it using the name. I do love WDW. I just love it there. There's so much to do and everything is clean and they treat you so nice (of course at a price). Hubby isn't as crazy about it as I am - I even like just hanging around Ft. Wilderness Campground. We rent a golf cart to get around and that is fun. But we are by no means real Disney fanatics. There are people that have been to WDW 30 to 50 times. We'll only been 8 times. Most of it since we retired.

  2. You get to nurture your inner child while down there, Sandy, and that's a good thing! Have fun and safe travels. xo

  3. We live in Tampa and get Disney passes every year. Have fun. It's a magical place.

  4. Have a fantastic trip Sandy like you we love WDW our last trip there in 2009 need to save up to go again. I relive WDW through your trips.