Monday, November 5, 2012

Silver and Santa

You are probably thinking what does silver and Santa have in common? 

Well, for starters...they both start with an "S". 

Yeah, duh....

  OK...I woke refreshed after a good night's sleep thinking of what I wanted to accomplish today.   First on the list was taking the Halloween decorations down and packing them away before the next Nor'Eastern storm is here.  Hubby helped with the outside stuff so that job went quickly.

Now to my first "S" of today. 

 For my next project I tackled a chore long overdue - polishing my silver

 I didn't polish everything but did managed to polish the pieces that I see everyday

 I use a silver cleaner product called "Maas" - it's a metal polish that is easy wipe-on and wipe-off. 

 It works on silver, brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, fiberglass and more.   It has anti-tarnish protection - which means I don't have to polish as frequently.   Now I'm not getting paid to tell you about this product - I've been using it for several years now and am pleased with how it shines everything.   It's concentrated too so a tiny bit goes a long way. 


I should mention during one of our trips to Williamsburg, Virgina, I visited the silver shop in the historic district and spoke to one of their silversmiths regarding the proper silver cleaner one should use.  

When I advised I used "Maas" he replied that was a more abrasive cleaner and he would recommend "Hagerty's" - said it was water-based and a good cleaner (which unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try...YET).  

Now my silver isn't expensive stuff -  it is just sentimental silver passed down through the family.  One of these days I will have to try "Hagerty's" though... since it was recommended to me by a silversmith as a good product and one that they use on their very expensive and very old silver.

I know I like a cleaner that is easy and fast to use!    

Now for my second "S" today...Santa!

I have a Santa design fabric panel that I packed away years ago after quilting my Christmas Forest scene (that I hang over our fireplace mantel every Christmas).   

I pulled it out yesterday and started to think how I would quilt it.  

And embellish it.

I would love to quilt the Santa panel for Christmas this year but I'm not sure I have the time with our upcoming trip to Florida.

Isn't it a cute Santa scene?

I have a booklet filled with Thomas Nast postcard Santas too. 

 They would be cute framed. 


I asked Hubby to dig out our Christmas lights today so I can go through them to make sure they are working.

 If not... we'll have to pick up the needed new strings before we leave for Florida this weekend.


Tomorrow is an important day here in the USA...election day to determine the fate of our country for the next four years.

Now is the time for CHANGE

We can't afford another four years like the last four! 

Please vote!


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  1. I adore your coffee pot it has a fantastic shape and after cleaning it a lovely shine. Enjoy your trip to Florida safe journey.

  2. Sandy, Hagerty's is the only cleaner I used as that was what my mother always used. It works very well. Has a distinctive smell to it. If I don't get a chance, but I think I will, I want to wish you a wonderful trip to DW and safe travels. xo