Saturday, November 3, 2012

Santa and Sleigh

Our Christmas card address labels are reviewed, updated and printed out this morning.

Remember the days when we had to hand-address all of our cards?

I remember helping my Mom out as a teenager addressing and signing their Christmas cards for them.

You see my Mother worked outside our home all during the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

When there wasn't all the conveniences for working women like today.    

My Mom's name was Dorothy...not "Dor thy" but "Dor thy".   

You better pronounce that second "o"! 

My Dad, family and friends all called her "Dot".

Who doesn't love DOTS!

We did!

Anyways, I'm so glad we have computers today for this card writing task as I type better and faster than I can write.

Plus my hand doesn't get tired!  

 I picked out the 2012 Christmas stamps for Hubby to buy today.

As you know I love Snowmen and Santa Claus so I was pleased with this year's 
Santa and Sleigh stamps.

Santa and Sleigh - four stamps

Aren't they adorable!

The four stamps together make up the Night Before Christmas!

Oh, my, how I love Christmas!

Speaking of LOVE...

Love Ribbons Stamp

All we need is a little LOVE to make the world go round!

Sending LOVE out to all my blogger friends this weekend!   

Have a LOVEly weekend!
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  1. I remember when I was young my dad got me one of those address stamps with my name in beautiful cursive script. It was an odd choice for a youngster but actually something that I really loved. I'd stamp my address on everything and later frequently used it instead of handwriting my address on envelopes. It's long since dried up but your post reminded me of it. Like you I use address labels now but maybe I should get one of those again!

  2. You really got a jump on Christmas this year! I send out about 55 cards and I do them by hand. I still need to get a photo done yet I best get working on that task. I also write a one page letter printed off my computer to include about our year. That really save a person from so much writing in each card. Nan

  3. I know a couple of "Dorothy's" and their name here in NYC always comes out "Dar-thy" - your mom would have flipped! :) Glad you are on top of things. I can't even think of tomorrow let alone next month. Still reeling from Sandy and worried about a Nor'Easter hitting us Wednesday into Thursday. God help us. xo