Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ft. Wilderness At Last!

We arrived at Ft. Wilderness (Walt Disney World, FL) just before noon today. We're settled at our campsite waiting for our golf cart to be delivered. Electricity and cable TV is all hooked up. They don't have WIFi at the sites so I'm using my iPhone's 3G network to post.

I finished my Waikiki Wildflower throw today. Hubby said "You dragged that all the way down here and it's finished!" But it wouldn't have been finished if I hadn't...and I knew I would forget the stitches and how to get in the groove again.

We hope to eat supper at Trail's End restaurant this evening. It's kind of our tradition. I may take a break from blogging to have fun and just relax for a few days.
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  1. The Waikiki throw looks beautiful. Take a break, we will all be here when you come back to update us. Have a great time. xo

  2. Good on you, it's lovely.
    Now, off you go and have fun. See you when you've had a break.

  3. Sandy!!! I love it! Excellent job! Do you mind if I post it to Pinterest and my blog? I want to share your handiwork with the world! Have fun on your trip!

  4. The throw is beautiful Sandy...is it sitting next to the Christmas afghan that I like so much?