Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jewel Tones

I loved this photo of Christmas lights I found on Pinterest.  

Look at the beautiful jewel tones.

Now what do these colors remind me of...?

Oh, reminds me of my Waikiki Wild Flower blanket.

I love the colors in these Caron Simply Soft yarns.

Red, blues, pinks, orange, green and purple shades.

Like a lovely garden of wild flowers.

Some patterns aren't fun to crochet...but I have to say this one is a joy to work up.

I'm on row ten of twelve.  

I would like it to be a small throw so I'll have to see what size it is when the 12th row is done to determine if I want to add any more rows.

Well, I better get back to crocheting.  

Have a lovely day!  
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  1. Hi Sandy, see you are cranking out another project! Are you ready for the Nor'Easter Wednesday into Thursday? I am not!! :/ xo

  2. So pretty I adore jewel tones.

  3. This blanket is so pretty. All the colors of the rainbow, how special is that? You are very talented, dear.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley