Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

We were without "wheels" the last three days so we were happy when today arrived and we could rent a golf cart through the rest of our vacation.

Originally we were going to stay at a resort the last three days because Ft. Wilderness was filled up when we booked our reservations by phone. LuckiIy when we first arrived here we were able to bridge the three day gap to stay at the campground but couldn't get a golf cart for those three days.

The good news was we could keep the same site but we still had to registered again twice - the second time yesterday and again this morning. That's done now.

We got our rental golf cart this afternoon and we decorated it with red and green garland along the sides and put a wreath with a pretty red and green bow on the back and another bow on the front of the cart.

Yesterday after we drove the van over to the campground office to re-register we went outside the Disney property and had breakfast a Mimi's Cafe.

On the way back to WDW we stopped at a Wal-Mart to buy some cheap throw away Christmas decorations for the golf cart. While shopping Hubby said it seemed awfully busy. Then he said "No wonder it's busy - it's Black Friday!" I laughed because I didn't even realize what day it was. We have never, and I mean NEVER, shopped on Black Friday!

Hubby asked me what I was going to use to hang the decorations on the golf cart and I said "Duct tape or Scotch tape?" Well, that would have been a mess particularly if we have to change golf carts (and we may have to because the one we got doesn't have a back up mirror). Anyways while in Wal-Mart Hubby picked up plastic tie tags - works so much better than my idea of duct tape. LOL !

And take a look at our van side mirrors - I found cheap, cheap (98 cents) felt Santa hats to hang there.

If I can't decorate my home yet for Christmas then by golly I'll decorate our van and golf cart.

The Christmas season has begun!

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  1. So cute, Sandy! I just decorated my blog!! Easy peasy!! Hopefully everything gets done, it usually does. If not, I don't consider it a big thing. Gee, I sound a little Scrooge-like :) xo

  2. Dear Sandy, what a nice looking cart, you did so well.;) Happy Thanksgiving to you.;)

  3. Your golf cart looks nice with the decorations - very Christmasy. We just brought ours home from the campground yesterday - husband needs to work on it a little. :)