Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bobble Zigzags...sort of

I'm practicing Jan Eaton's "Bobble Zigzags" stitch over and over again...

You must visit Astri's blog and see the beautiful ripple blanket she crocheted using this stitch.

 The following photos are from her blog, Apple Blossom Dreams.

My goodness but her ripple is beautiful! 

 I loved her ripple so much I decided to use the stitch to make a cover for our bench in our master bedroom.

But first I have to practice the stitch to make sure it is starting and ending properly for the measurements of our bench. I'm practicing in two yarns and hook sizes in cream and white. Of course the cover will be full of color when I get around to picking my colors.

It probably won't look like Astri's but if it's even half as nice I will be pleased.

Once I know the length of the repeat I can figured out the chain foundation count.

Please visit Astri - she has a wonderful blog! 

 What an inspiration she has been...thank you Astri for sharing your beautiful ripple blanket with us!

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  1. I have not seen this stitch before. It is fantastic. xo

  2. Isn't it gorgeous? I've been drooling over it since seeing it on her blog! I think I'll have to break down and get the's too cute to pass up! Can't wait to see yours! Hugs, Annette

  3. Thank you for the sweet words Sandy! I'm excited to see how this develops.

  4. I can see why you are so keen on it , it is lovely and the colours are so pretty too. You've probably started something now and Kate will be doing one the same soon too !!!

  5. What a fantastic stitch it has a lovely ripple effect I envy anyone who can crochet