Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where's the Sun?

Where did the sun go? It's so dark out today.

I took the outside photo above during dusk last night. 

 That's our Dogwood tree with all its beautiful blooms.

I'm loving the way the sides are turning out on my bench cover, Spring Bouquet.

Soooo happppy!

I added a row with bobbles along the bottom too.

Almost done...just a few more rows to add and then slip stitch the corners.

This photo was taken yesterday when the SUN was shining!

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  1. Beautiful photos.I love the foot stool cover.I like the size of your photos.Would you be willing to share with Me how you get them that big without losing definition ?

  2. The sun here is playing peek-a-boo.... Love the Dogwood!!
    Hugs ..... Marilyn

  3. The sun is out here but we have no trees in flower, bulbs in bloom, or green grass. Spring starts slow and makes us earn every single small step. We are on the snow melting part now, the green up part comes in June. Nan

  4. I love the sky in the next to last photo. It is cloudy here today, too. We could use some rain. We have had some bad brush fires here. Foot stool looks great, only I would not want anyone to put their feet up!! Ha ha xo

  5. Yep, that's it! Looking good!