Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love Our Outside Living

One of these days I will look up the name of this shrub and buy another one for our yard. 

 It is so beautiful.

The tree pollen is out in full force this weekend. Not the yellow stuff ((yet)) but the white fluffy stuff. 

 It looks like it is snowing there is so much of it in the air.

It's just so lovely out today...warm but not too humidity...sunny...just perfect.

A perfect day to power wash our screened in porch and deck.

All done and only took about an hour and a half.

It's suppose to start raining later today with rain forecasted for the next several days.

I may wait to put the rest of the chairs out on the porch.

I'm resting out on the porch now. 

 Back to my coffee, snack and listening to The Beatles...

Playing with PicMonkey....

It has some nice features and they say collages will be coming soon.

Update:  OK, I looked up our original landscape receipt and the flowering shrub here is a "Popcorn Viburnum" or commonly better known as "Japanese Snowball".  Now I hope I can remember this....

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  1. Sandy, could that gorgeous white bush be white oleander? I am far from a gardener but that name keeps popping in my head lately. We are expecting a Nor-easter tonight, tomorrow and into Monday! I have not done anything outside yet and now I am glad. They are saying we could get 2 - 3 inches of rain. Needed, but all at once is a little too much. I wish I was sitting and sipping a cup of Keurig's cappuccino and chatting and crocheting with you! ;-) xo

  2. Is that a snowball bush? What is it? It is so pretty!!!!! Your deck/porch looks nice after the power wash, too.

    Have a blessed Sunday!


    1. Even my neighbors have asked what this shrub is. I've said it a "snowball" but I just looked up my original landscaping receipt and it is: Popcorn Viburnum.

      I found this information on the Internet: Viburnum plicatum (popcorn) is commonly called Japanese snowball. It is a dense, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub that typically matures to 10-15’ tall and as wide. It is noted for producing snowball-like, spherical inflorescences (terminal cymes) of sterile, non-fragrant, white flowers along the branches in spring (May). No fruit is produced. Ovate, toothed, dull dark green leaves (to 4” long). Foliage may turn burgundy red to purplish red in fall. ‘Popcorn’ grows somewhat smaller than species plants, typically rising to 5-8’ tall and 4-7’ wide. It features small rounded popcorn-like clusters (2-3” diameter) of white flowers that cover the shrub in a profuse spring bloom.

      Now I hope I can remember this...

  3. Sandy, tem uma orquídea para você no meu blog.
    Um abraço.

  4. Hey There. In Australia we call this bush a May Bush or Maytree because it usually flowers in May. Funny how it flowers the same across the miles.

  5. I have a snowball bush but it's not as beautiful as yours! Have a great week.