Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All Done...Finished

Spring Bouquet, my second bench cover, is completed. Done, finished...in all its bright colors.

I spent the last two nights sewing in the dreaded yarn ends on the corners and single crocheted the corner sides together on the wrong side.

I cut the end of my finger a few days ago cleaning (why am I cleaning you ask...see my story below) and I couldn't crochet until it healed - it hurt to use it.   

It's all better now.

The bench will go back in our Master Bedroom.

I bobbled three rows on the sides in blue, pink/white and pink every seven stitches.

Now about that cut I got while cleaning...I've had a cleaning service, Merry Maids, since before I retired four years ago. 

 My well earned "treat" after working all those years full-time outside the home.

Well.. the new owner of my Merry Maids location sent me a letter recently advising that their costs as a business have gone up...further stating that my "house" rates, based on its size and tri-monthly cleaning, should be increased 58% per cleaning to bring its rates up to the current rates they are charging but that she realizes that that is too much to ask of me so she is "willing" to compromise and "only" increase my rate 28% per cleaning. She concluded her letter by stating I could call her to discuss the fee increase.

So I called the number on her letterhead (which is the local office number) and the woman who answered the phone said the owner wasn't at that location. She was in another state! I said that's the number she gave in her letter to call.

 (Wow...that's a neat trick...send a letter with a number to call that you can't be reached at!  That will cut down on any complaint calls.  If I tried that during my working career I would have been fired!) 

 Anyway...to continue my story rant I told her the rate increase was outrageous and I wouldn't pay it...that I'm running a business too and I must keep my household expenses down.

(They weren't offering me anything extra for the increase.)

She replied that's too bad and didn't even offer to negotiate the rate increase so I terminated their service without further discussion.

So I finished two things...my bench cover and cleaning service!

Thank goodness I can still do my own cleaning and better than the cleaning they offered. 

 I told Hubby I wanted to put the money saved toward landscaping (which I can't do anymore).  And someday I will find another cleaning service when and if I need help.

 Well, that's my story rant of the day.  Thanks for listening to me.
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  1. The second bench cover is awesome!

    Good for you - those darn rate increasers!

  2. Sandy,
    The bench covers are wonderful! I need help with cleaning but if they ever raise their prices, I shall look elsewhere! I would love to find a person who would work for a reasonable hourly rate and I would treat them well.


  3. And a beautiful finish it is. You inspired me to make a bobble zigzag lapghan. Loving it.

  4. Ficou muito lindo Sandy.

  5. Merry Maids is going to price themselves right out of business! My friend hired them to clean her EMPTY apartment when she moved for a "walk-through" with building super. Two young girls were there around 90 minutes - charged almost $200. That is just nuts!! xo

  6. Hi Sandy,
    I love how your crocheted bench cover turned out, it so pretty!
    You know I would have dropped the cleaning service too! such nerve of them....When I had my foot surgery Gary hired a cleaning service, at first they did a great job and then after a few cleanings they started to get lazy and I had to go over their work, anyway needless to say no more payed cleaning service (I am the cleaning services now and I clean for free)LOL
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  7. I knew you'd get it right Sandy. The cover fits perfectly. Clever girl !
    It's a shame about the cleaner. i had one when I worked but gave it up when I retired. Couldn't justify the expense but I have to tell you I HATE cleaning the house. If he's not working Tony helps me. Luckily our house is not too big and there are only the two of us so some rooms remain clean and tidy and just need a freshening up but your home looks big with two levels to look after. Perhaps you'll find someone who will do it for a better rate.

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