Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Good Morning this lovely Good Friday!

These little bunnies are precious to me. While visiting my parents in Florida many years ago at Easter I went with my Dad when he bought my Mom flowers for Easter. My Dad picked these cute bunnies to go with the bouquet.

I'm adding more colors to what will be another bench cover.

These are Easter colors too!

I love this ripple stitch...Bobble Zigzags...I can see me hooking a blanket in this stitch one of these days.

I'm almost done with the seat area.

Then I will add the sides.

I'm thinking of crocheting the sides to the valleys/hills of the ripple a different way. 

 I'll let you know if it works out.

Have a wonderful Good Friday!

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  1. Have a happy and blessed Easter weekend, Sandy. The colors in the new bench cover are really lovely. xo

  2. Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing such inspiring, Spring-time pictures!

  3. Pretty-pretty! If you just do several rows of sc without increasing (putting more than one stitch in a stitch), those sides will even out until you have a straight edge. Not sure if you knew that or not. If you did, just ignore me! Whatever you do will be pretty, as always. :)

  4. This is turning out so nice! Hey, and how about that advise from Pammy Sue: awesome! I will try that simple; who'd a thought it? Not me.
    Happy Easter, Sandy!

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