Friday, April 27, 2012

"Wanna Be" Granny Rose Cushion

I'm BACK and going on and on boring you about my little "wanna be" Granny Rose cushion. 

 This is the cutest pattern.

I found a pretty light celery colored yarn (unfortunately its label was missing so I can't tell you the yarn name or color) in my stash to join my rose squares. 

 I love the stitches Astri used to do her cushion join.   

It was fun to try a different joining stitch than my standard "join as you go" stitch.

I watched Astri's edging video and really like her picot edging stitch.  

 So I plan to duplicate her edging stitch on my cushion too.

Back and front pieces are finished.

I should be able to finish the last steps this weekend. 

 Next week we are taking another little trip in our travel van to Williamsburg, VA.  

I'm going to take my red yarn with me on the road to make lots of Granny Roses for that Christmas Granny Rose throw I keep thinking about obsessing about...

Thanks for stopping in...don't forget to visit the lovely Astri at Apple Blossom Dreams (here).  

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  1. Not boring at all, in fact I'm drooling. I too would like a lapghan of these. It think this is a perfect take along project doing the roses. Have a wonderful time in Willisamsburg, one of my favorite places. Can't wait to see how many roses you've finished when you get back.

  2. You are never boring, Sandy, for those of us who love crochet and aspiret to make the things you and other talented crocheters make! Have a wonderful trip. xo

  3. Love the flower pattern & the beautiful colors!!
    Have a Great Weekend!!