Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Day of March

Our Bradbury Pear trees are blooming!

Ms. Pinkie Cotton Tail welcomes you to our home for Easter.

Our Serviceberry tree is blooming too!

I'm fussing around in our kitchen again.  

This time I attached a cute tray to our kitchen cabinet (love those 3M Command Strips!).

My parents had three little dogs many years ago...a miniature Dachshund, a Yorkie and a Maltese.  

I'm not sure where they found this cute dog tray but it's an adorable reminder of their cute Yorkie, Little Bit. 

For the last day in March it's been rather ugly here...totally overcast, gray, dark and chilly with just drizzles of rain most of the day. 

Here's hoping tomorrow the sun will come back!    

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  1. Hi Sandy, what happened to your GFC followers?! It says you don't have any?! Oh no, what is happening now????? Love your pear tree, it is beautiful. xo

  2. Sandy, I swear when I first got here, your followers were missing! Glad to see they came back! xo

  3. Loving the pear blossoms in the Northern hemisphere!

  4. The pear trees are always such a wonderful intro to the glories of Spring! Ours were early this year and have finished now (we had a very mild winter and warm March)...but the azaleas are blasting the landscape with their beauty and the rhododendrons will be bursting forth soon. Such a wonderful time - especially after the drab, colorless days of Winter! I love that bunny on your door! I need to get with it and pull all my Easter decor from the attic TODAY! Hugs, Annette